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October 2, 2019 2:55pm I entered the store in a rush becuase I was running late to be at work there was a lady infront of me already that was totally find I was patiently waiting my turn so when it was my turn I said $1.87 in gas on pump 7 yes I was broke yesteday I got paid today I was dead on e had to make it to work down the street I also work on macon road as a manager so this was very uncalled for. I raced outside after laying my money on the counter in a panic hurry and when I went to the gas pump to pump gas I noticed the cashier did not put it in so I raced in side very calmly and asked why my money was on the counter she said take your [censored]ing money im not giving you gas you threw it at me there is a few customers around at this point I said I didn't throw my money at you I hurried and put it on the counter which if you run the cameras at 2:55 pm you can clearly see me im a white female I had my black collard work shirt on and you can see my change (85cent) sitting neatly on my dollar bill I would never treat cashiers like that when I work in management im not that crazy she was cussimg at me causing a big scene she is described as a tall round african american she kinda looked like she was a dyke very rude I can't believe I had to report her but this is ridiculous and when I told her I was in a rush to work thats why I laid it on the counter and rushed away she started laughing at me. If this was my employee she would be terminated. Thank you for your time [protected] is my contact information

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  • Fi
      Oct 19, 2019

    Just because she "licked the carpet" does not mean she is a dyke.

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