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Circle K / asst. mgr mary refused to provide change for $100

Tm Jun 12, 2019 Review updated:

I came to Circle K around 6p today due to inconvenience from circle K across the street only had one worker and she was busy informing an officer prior issue. Im in desperate need of gas and I have slow leak in my tire I arrive to this location and realized I only had $100 bill. Asst. Mgr Mary advised me they had just made a drop and was unable to take $100 bill. I needed $40 gas and quarters to put air in my tire. Mary insisted that it was too bad and nothing she could do to help while it was heavy traffics. Customers were coming back to back she could have easily been able to have change for her drawers. I understand if it was at night and really slow. My tire was completely flat and it was no way I could have drove anywhere else. I explained to her and she clearly could have said she don't care and it was nothing she could have done. That's such a terrible way to treat a customer she wasn't trying to help me at all. Her blunt nonchalant attitude was not call for. I wasn't rude at all I came to her as someone in need of help and she asked me "do I want her to give me her money". Just rude and out of line with how she treated me.

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  •   Jun 12, 2019

    She told you that a drop was just made. If she takes your one hundred dollar bill and gives you all her smaller bills, she has no change for others.

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