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G Jan 23, 2020 Review updated:

I visited the station on January 23rd (Thursday) at around 3 am to 3:10 am. I went into the station to purchase two XL fountaun drinks and while at the counter, I accidentally bumped one of the drinks and went to grab it before it fell over. It wound up bursting open and while I had apologised for the apparent accident, the cashier began to get into a foul mood. He wound up cursing fairly frequently under his breath while tossing some materials around to attempt to clean up. Most of the liquid he shoved directly towards me and once feeling satisfied of getting most of the liquid up, he still charged me for two drinks with an angry look. I don't care about the charging of a second drink while leaving with one, but the way the cashier was handling the situation didn't seem all that great. The name of the cashier on the receipt says Dave G


  • Um is not an answer! Jan 23, 2020

    Oh, I've had that happen to me. I was very apologetic and still he had a 'tude about him. Understandable he was upset because he had to leave his station and tend to the hazard.

    This is what happens when you work 'graveyard shift' apparently alone.

    Upon reading your complaint in full I notice you never mentioned being apologetic about it. Mistakes happen but know that he's not Cinderfella whose job is to clear up your messes.

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