CIGNA & American Speciality Healthprovider & outsourcing company

S Jul 31, 2019

Both CIGNA & American Specialty are horrible. They will send a mountain of paper in order to hold up or deny legitimate claims. I never had anything remotely like this with AETNA, the Blues or United Healthcare. Yesterday, I received in the mail 8 Provider Inquiries regarding a Chiropratic Claim. Two months ago they did the same thing on a PT Claim. CIGNA has all my medical information including MRI's and X-Rays on the conditions Im being treated for. They are horrible! They even did something similar a month ago and wanted me to take a cheaper blood pressure medication that does not work and that I'm allergic too. It took me a month to get that straightened out. They should be ashamed of themselves. I can't wait to my company's open enrollment so I can choose a new provider!

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