Chicken Expresslack of chicken during peak hours

M Jan 08, 2020

The last few times I have gone to the Earl Rudder location of Chicken Express I have been told at the order sign that there would be a 15 to 20 minute wait for my order. I usually get the 12 piece chicken order and every time the last few times I have had a substantial wait. Today when I stopped by after work about 5:30 I was again told that there would be a wait or I could have what they had available. The pieces that were available were 5 drumsticks/1 thigh/4 wings and two breasts. This was much less than what usually comes with the normal order which should have been 3 drumsticks/3 wings/3 thighs/ and 3 breasts. I said go ahead because I was tired of waiting every time for my order. At least if you are going to sell the 12 piece with such skimpy pieces you should throw in some additional pieces to make up for the loss of Chicken. Also if you are having to wait 20 minutes for Chicken you should offer a free drink or something. The same thing has been happening consistently at peak times after work when Chicken should be up and ready to go for customers during this rushed time. I am tired of this happening and thought somebody should be aware of the problem!

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