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I live in Pennsylvania, but go to school in Riverdale, NY. Being that the BIG Graduation BALL is right around the corner I decided to go to Forest Hills, Queens instead of my hometown, where I was pretty sure none of my friends would search for a dress. After coming across the perfect dress at CHEZ MOI STUDIO located on 71-47 Austin Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375 and their telephone number is [protected], I decided to purchase it even though it was completely out of my budget. The dress that they were trying to sell me was damaged but insisted that I should by it because 'it doesn't matter' said on of the sales women. Then she said I can order it and it will be in on a Wednesday. While paying, the manager quickly wrote me up a sales receipt and brushed me off, mumbling under her breath that she cannot be bothered. If I did not like this dress so much I would not have ordered it and in a very lady-like manner cussed her butt off. WELL... That was a lie-it came in on Friday and was missing the crystal trimming. I traveled from Pennsylvania om a limb and they did not even call me to notify me my dress had arrived I just decided to drop in. The manager quickly cut off the trimming off of another dress and sloppily sewed it onto mine, which was by the way cut crooked, the thread was sticking out and there were several crystals missing. I noticed the missing crystals and called her, she told me to come back and she would fix it. Then when I get there she said she can't and that she would order the trimming by following Wednesday. Only because I love the dress so much, I agreed for the replacement. However, she was completely rude and obnoxious about it and said if I don't want it i can have my money back because she could sell it to someone else. Now that is not something a manager should say. After searching for another dress I discovered her overpriced dresses in her boutique were ALL damaged and had numerous beading, crystals, tears, snags and stains on their dresses. I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN AND WILL MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS AWARE OF THE HEADACHE THEY ARE GETTING THEMSELVES INTO WHEN PURCHASING FROM HER.

ALSO, I saw several of the dresses she sold at Cache in Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, NY for half the price. Talk about a rip-off.


  • Lu
    Lucy34 Nov 30, 2014

    I just want to say that I am truly disgusted at the way some people speak about Chez Moi. This is my absolute favorite store, and there is nothing the owner wouldn't do for you. The ladies who work for her are very warm and kind. Everytime I walk in there, I stay longer after i buy just to talk because i love there company. I don't spend so much money when i go, and they don't mind that at all. For the man who complained about his wife who previously worked for them, i'm sorry you feel that way, but i have known the owner for over 20 years. She is the most honest, and sincere woman i know. Don't try to make someone's store look bad because your sorry your wife was fired. The clothing and dresses they have are beyond. The ladies are very sweet, and i am a proud shopper. Don't listen to those who want to complain because they could not afford the quality items they carry. If your interested in unique pieces, and satisfactory service, go to chez moi. It is always guaranteed.

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  • Ra
    R.Arnold Sep 20, 2014

    Notice one thing... Every bad review written is written in decent English, while every good review is in broken English. The owner and manager and most staff are Iranian and don't speak English very well. Just food for thought...
    My complaint is of a different nature. My wife worked for Chez Moi for approx 2 weeks in late August, early September. After her first day she came home astonished! She said she can't imagine how they've been in business so long with the rude, disrespectful, and racist service given to their customers. Nothing any different from other reviews you've read here. But after working a week my wife went in to get paid and was given a sealed envelope by the owner. My wife opens the envelope to see that the money is short approximately $25. My wife asks about the discrepancy and the owner says she's busy and she'll give it to her next pay period. Another employee says that happens to her all the time, but she doesn't complain because she needs the job. The following week when my wife goes in to get paid, not only is the $25 not added, the current week's pay is short $20 as well! Granted, $45 is not a lot of money. But if you've been in business since 1979, consistently hiring employees off the books, a slightly cheating them out of their well deserved wages...
    Can you imagine how much money this woman is pocketing? I can only assume from my observation that she's hiring people that may not have papers or who are in destitute financial situations to lessen the chance of complaints. She pays cash, off the books which is illegal as well. Now the reason why I'm posting complaint is because justice needs to be served. I suggested my wife file an official complaint with the Department of Labor, but she doesn't want to rock the boat for the nicer staff of ladies who work there and really need the job to survive. She is a mom/housewife who was looking to get out of the house and work part time when school started. This is not a disgruntled angry ex employee rant. I am a manager for All-Star Moving & Storage, Brooklyn, NY (BBB accredited) and my wife is the co-owner (she and her father) of Romantique Boutique which served the Jackson Heights area for nearly 30 years, and since early 2000 has been successfully doing business in the Doral area of Miami, FL. Again, this is not about the money, but simply the principle. People like this don't deserve the privilege of doing business in such a high end, high volume neighborhood. Do your homework and please think twice before giving the thieves your hard earned money.

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  • As
    ashkreli12 Jun 11, 2013


    Vida the person I dealt with on the phone was totally unprofessionial. I wanted to order a dress over the phone - she said she has it in stock in a wine color - when it came time to place an order she wanted a $300 deposit. I gave her my credit card - 3 days later she calls me and says the dress is only in stock in silver not wine. I said i wasnt interested in the silver dress - she said no problem I will refund the $300 I charged to the card. When I called her again after 10 days - she said "NO YOU ORDERED THE SILVER DRESS YOU MUST PAY FOR IT" - I refused to be talked to like that - she started screaming on the phone like a Lunatic...I ended up calling my AMEX company to dispute the charges - they instantly refunded my money. 3 days later she charged the same card another $850 for the balance of the dress out of spite because I got my deposit back from the bank.


    Writing letter to BBB, obviously getting my other $850 credited from bank & will make sure everyone hears about this terrible business.

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  • Ir
    Irene60 Mar 03, 2013

    Chez Moi WHAT A HORRIBLE STORE!!! As a mother of a young teen you want to make their prom dress shopping enjoyable and memorable. Boy oh boy it most certainly was and NOT in a good way. First of all I went with my three daughters my eldest whom is 28 and my other two 16 & 14. I was in search of a prom dress for my 16 year old, my 28 year old lives in the neighborhood. Being that I live upstate and my 16 year old daughter wanted to buy a one of kind prom dress my eldest daughter recommended Chez Moi because she has past by the shop numerous of times and noticed quite a few lovely dresses in the window. Needles to say I did google the store and did read the BAD REVIEWS, but I am one not judge by others but to form my own opinion. Well needless to say they were ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!! We entered the store about 6:20 and ask if they were still open the lady says yes but until 7:00 pm and it WOULDN'T be a problem. We proceeded upstairs where there were two sales ladies one young lady and one older lady they were helping another customer with a prom dress . They younger lady comes over to my oldest daughter and ask if we needed help, my daughter indicated that we were looking for a dress for her sisters prom. The older sales lady begins by saying that its late already and that we need to come back tomorrow because she's been working 5 days and if we really needed something we can come back tomorrow! With that she pulled a dress from the rack threw it at the younger sales lady and told her here give them this!!! The older sales lady then turns back to her customer and places her hands on the customers belly and tells her " your gonna need to get rid of this before you wear this dress!!! How rude!!! Needless to say my oldest daughter went downstairs and asked to speak to the store manager at which point she tells her that she's the manager my daughter told her of what took place and all she lady did was make excuses for this woman!!! ******* I URGE EVERYBODY STAY CLEAR OF THIS PLACE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, ENERGY OR MONEY!!! I have worked in the retail business and would never treat anyone, like these poor excuses of human beings have treated people. My guess is that this must be a family owned and operated business because the complaints have been coming in since 2007 and the NASTINESS, RUDENESS, UNPROFESSIONALISM is STILL THERE!!! I can guarantee after my post, they will probably have a family member post how a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE they had at the store!!! CHEZ MOI GET RID OF YOUR LOUSY SALES STAFF, HIRE NEW, YOUNG, ENERGETIC AND POLITE SALES PEOPLE AND YOU WILL PROBABLY MAKE THE MONEY YOU CLAIM TO MAKE!!!

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  • Se
    Sermin Jan 09, 2013

    This boutique is probably the worst boutique i ever went too, i went in looking for a dress to buy and the sales women treated me so badly and disrespectfully telling me to go to Marcy's if i wanted to look through dresses, because i told her I'm not sure what i want but i know definitely i will find something here, and i was ready to spend allot of money on 3 dresses they had, but i didn't because they do not want business treating their customers with no respect and with no manners its disgusting and the store itself looked unprofessional, personally i would fire all the employees and close down their business. Worst experience ever, they should not be allowed to keep the business open, and i advise people not go there, go to OZ bought 3 dresses and the people are very polite and professional, definitely going back. Chez Moi sucks!!!

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  • Fo
    fortitutude Nov 25, 2012

    Rude sales person and biased people.hate them, never going there again.They should treat every customer as a potential customer and not be judgmental.I regret having bought the dress there.I tell my friends not to go there.

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  • An
    Anna12321 Oct 27, 2012

    I went to Chez Moi located on Austin street in Forest Hills to look for a dress for a party I'm going to attend later this week. I was amazed at all of the beautiful dresses they have, but was even more amazed to hear the stuff that was coming out of the manager's or owners mouth. She was extremely helpful in the beginning by recommending dresses for me, but after I tried them on she would make comments about my body which made me extremely uncomfortable. If your trying to sell dresses, I would imagine you wouldn't make negative comments towards your customers. As I was trying the dresses on, she would complain about her workers, saying that one particular worker should have been a blonde because she is so stupid. All she did was complain, mumble in english and farsi and talk down to her workers. She was very unprofessional. At one point, one of her workers asked her where to put a stack of dresses, and she responded by saying in a condescending tone right here, why do you think I just made room here? To dance? It's very obvious this lady is very unhappy with her life and takes it out on her workers as well as her customers. I ended up not purchasing anything, the atmosphere was extremely negative and I didnt want to give business to a lady with such disgusting manners.

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  • Eu
    Euphoria925 Sep 07, 2012

    Now I am scared. I went into Chez Moi and found the very dress I was looking for. I found it online too, but decided to buy it from Chez Moi. The woman told me that it would be no problem to order the dress in the color I wanted and I would have it by 9/12...I am getting married on 9/24. The saleswoman told me she would call when she place the order the next day. She did not. I called her 2 days after I saw the dress and now, she is telling me the supplier cannot find the dress, but call back the next day by noon. Call again today and they can't find it. Mandy tells me to go look on the website for another dress(website doesn't work). I don't want another dress. I want the dress I picked out and now I see on my receipt that she marked the sale as final. I will be in there screaming bloody murder for my refund before the day is over...

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  • Sp
    spicylatinsauce May 19, 2011

    The first time I bought a dress from Chez Moi they were nice and polite and very helpful in helping me pick one out. Three weeks ago i went and tried on a dress and had them special order me the same one in the same color because the one they had in the showroom was damaged. They DID NOT notify me when they got the dress (why ask for the phone number if you aren't going to use it?) and after I took it home and opened the bag I discovered it to also be damaged. I literally just called the store to tell them about my dress and they told me it was my fault (not true because I haven't even tried on my dress yet) and then the manager/owner proceeded to HANG UP ON ME. I called my mom and she called from work and they hung up on her as well. I will never shop there again and do not recommend that anyone go there.

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  • Da
    daddygeeee May 13, 2011

    This place smells like cottage cheese and my old nana, not somewhere i'd go to wear dresses even if i was a drag queen

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  • An
    anonymousg May 02, 2011


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  • An
    anonymousg May 02, 2011

    Chez Moi Studio is one of the most unprofessional, sneaky, and shadiest places i have ever been to. I had a friend who worked there and told me that the owner herself specifically tells the workers there that they have to " Watch the black people from Jamaica when they come in because all they do is steal and cannot afford these dresses". Also, The owner is so desperate for sales that she has a false 70% off sign in the front of the store, when in reality, nothing in the store is 70% off. She also, in her desperate states, lets customers try on dresses that have already been bought and are in the basement on layaway or getting altered. She is racist and only helps who she thinks is going to buy. She does not give her employees lunch breaks nor does she let them sit down, having them work on foot for 9 hours at a time. Chez Moi religiously lies to their customers about any and everything to get a sale. Go to OZ.

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  • Ms
    MsRoxy Apr 07, 2011

    I went into this store today to try on a prom dress. Two women were helping me, one older woman, mid 50's, the other a somewhat stylish young woman in her early 20's? Anyways, both of them were foreign, and had difficulty understanding my requests. Most of the dresses on display were sloppily piled together, and not really organized in any way. Most dresses came in only 1 sample size, although the woman assured me she would order me the dress in the color/size/condition that I wanted. Majority of the dresses were snagged and torn, and although they were beautiful, were most definitely overpriced. Designers such as Jovani and Terrani retailed for waaay above their online sale prices, and ordering it online would have been easier too!
    As I perused the store, the young woman hastily helped me with getting gowns, not allowing me to pick them up myself, and taking every dress that I looked at or spoke about into a dressing room for me. I felt as though it was her making the decision, not me! After pulling 5 gowns of her choosing, she made me try on the dresses, telling me that "other customers may want to try on your dresses".
    I was annoyed, to say the least. The older woman then came to check up on me, critiquing my body and mumbling under her breath in i'm guessing Russian?
    I did try on a gown that I had fallen in love with, although it was much too small, ripped, and WAY out of my budget at a crazy 690 dollars. The older woman asked me if I was going to buy the dress AS I WAS STILL WEARING IT, and I told her I wasn't sure, so she said "If you do not buy this gown, you must take it off now" and made me take the gown off. How's that for customer service?!
    Please, save yourself the hassle and skip this store. They are unprofessional and the gowns are treated as poorly as the customers are.

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  • Sa
    sandraooo Feb 19, 2011

    I LOVE THIS STORE, their prices are great and ALWAYS discounted if you want to be ripped off go to OZ
    everyone there is always so sweet and helpful I always place special orders and the owner is seriously the most kind hearted lady I know my friend would not afford a 400 dress due to hard economic times and she gave it to her at bare cost bc she was an old good customer stop bashing people and stores if they are not your taste dont go there

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  • Ro
    rosie d May 04, 2010

    I think that Chez Moi is great store. I love it!!!

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  • Sy
    sydbhayes Dec 18, 2009

    I bought a dress for my son's wedding the summer before last. My dress had to be ordered since they did not have the color i needed in the store. Since it had to be ordered I was told I would not be able to get my money back and it was a final sale. When the dress arrived at the store some of the beads were missing and there was a snag on one of the shoulders. The manager was very annoyed when I asked that the dress be repaired. The repair was substandard aqnd Iwas in tears since I had no time to find another dress. I tell everyone not to go to Chez Moi for anything. Sydbhayes

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  • Ra
    RazzyB May 09, 2009

    I really hate chez moi. For one their ambiance is horrible, their store looks so cheap and cheesy. I did not like the sales lady at all she had such a bad attitude. I think she treated me bad because i was just with my friends shopping and not with my parents but even then she should treat every customer the same and i was going to buy something and pay for it full in cash anyway. The store people are snobby for no reason. Their store is not something to be proud of. I was looking for my dress and i picked out this pink dress. The lady comes over to me and says its 700 and i said ok.. she walks on by and then she realized that i still had the dress in my hand and walks towards me and said "i said that dress was 700, check the tag before you try something on". I was soo offended because even though i like to save money my prom dress has no limit. If i like it i'll buy it, who is she to tell me i can't afford it? I live in White Plains so i thought that the trip was worth it. Obviously it wasn't. They do have nice dresses but just be carefull because some of them are damaged. If you are going to buy a dress there make sure you go with an adult or i guess just flash some money in their face to shut them up.

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  • St
    stephanie Apr 21, 2009

    I shop at Chez Moi weekly. i love is my favorite store. I live in florida and make sure to take my private jet out to NY atleast once a week so I can get the newest fashions out as soon as the owner gets it in. When she sees something I like she always sends it to me over night and makes sure i love it without even taking a dollar from me until i say i want it. she is the sweetest lady in the world and is passionate about making her customers happy so if she said something bad to you or mistreated you there was probably a reason and just know what goes around comes around

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  • Lu
    lucilleaba Mar 03, 2009

    Actually, I went to their store with my father about 2/3 weeks ago and I bought my prom dress there. I saw no damage, no threads hanging out, and the lady who helped me was insistent with the dresses she picked out for me, but she did agree on the one I picked. Of course, I couldn't pay for the dress right away, but (I'm assuming) the manager there was so nice to me and my father that she also took $25 off the discounted price. Also, instead of paying every week (since its on lay-a-way), she told my father that he can come in every 2-3 weeks and pay and I can have the dress as long as I pick it up before the day of my prom.

    Of course reading this, I'm a little hesitant and hopefully my dress will be in the condition it was in when I tried it on.

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  • Wo
    worthitornot Feb 01, 2009

    I walked into Chez Moi Studio today in hopes of finding a prom dress. Boy was I wrong! Since the store is two floors, and being a first time customer, I peeked into the first floor and the manager was behind the counter asking me how she could help me. I asked her where dresses where and she insisted on asking me what occasion. When i explained it was for a prom in may she said to me come back in two weeks. I made a trip to austin street to go to this boutique and she is telling me to come back in two weeks when she gets a new shipment! I asked her if could see the ones she has upstairs now she asked why, she then continued to include and i quote " Your not going to buy anything today, so why should you try them on" That will be the last time that I go to chez moi. Needless to say the whole conversation took place while i was standing in front of the door! I didnt move one inch and i've never met such an unprofessional manager/lady in my lifetime! I wouldnt recommend this store to anyone its not worth the headache to argue with the help.

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  • Ha
    Happy Weng Jan 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you because I was just been rip-off by the store today (The name of store is call Chez Moi Studio located on 71-47 Austin Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375 ). I saw a beautiful dress with the price tag USD 299 (the original price is about 475) ; try on and I decided to buy it. When I go to the counter to pay for it, the manager (i think she is the owner) immediately told me the price is wrong, it should be USD 650. The manager's attitude was really bad and look like I change the price for her. I hesitated and decided not to buy it but the salewoman and manager talk me into. I was stupid enough and bought the dress with paying for extra for the scarf. The totally price of the dress and scarf is USD695 but when I go home, check the receipt and found out I was charged with USD 754.90. I thought the tax rate for the goods over USD 110 in NY is 4.375%. I have no idea how the manager come out with this number.
    The other thing is that I check the receipt again and found out the manager wrote " FIANL SALE" on it. The recipt clearly states that there is no " RETURN" and "EXCHANGE" for the final sale item. It just unbelievable.

    Don't let the store play with your mind and money. You can get their dresss from major department stores with better service, better price. You can also return anything that you are unsatisfied with in the major department stores.

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