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The night cashier at this store has harrassed me and my husband for over a month on several occasions. This started on a Friday night with her obviously upset over something that happened earlier in the in the evening as i heard complaining to her co worker. She refused to sell me some scratchers because she said her store was closed. I did not question it to her but said something to my husband when I went back to the car. Obviously the store is open 24 hours so thst did not make sense. He went in hiself to ask to buy some and got the same answer, except she was ruid when he asked questions like when will your store open becsuse it is open now per the hours on the door. He eventually walked out and as he got back to the car she came from behind the counter to outside and verbally assaulted us. Since this incident which we reported to the manager named Kristina who also is terrible at customer service. This night cashier named Leora Oxendine has called the police on my husband for getting gas, putting air in his tire and entering the stote to buy ciggarrettes. We have asked the manager why she is doing this and the manager basically called me a liar because she said she was unaware of this. I came in the store tonight and was denied ciggarettes with my paper interim drivers license and my expired ID. She preceded to boast about how my husband does not come in on her shift anymore because she calls the police on him. When I let her know I spoke with her manager she said I know we laugh at you all the time and it doesn't matter what she does to us she will still work there cause she is grown and she does what she wants to do. This immature unprofessinal and arrogant behavior is harrassment. And for chevron to have employees that believe they can treat customers anyway they want and have no repercussions for it is irresponsible as a corporation and shows a definite flaw in your corporate oversight and hiring ptactices. We have been customers of this store for close to 17 years since we moved around the corner. This girl should have been fired and now to learn that the manager Kristina is in cahouts with her she should not be managing this store. Her judgement is obviously impaired and does not mind showing customers that she believes her employee even after reviewing the security cameras to see her employee come from behind the counter outside to verbally assault us is not capable to do the job of manager i will be contacting channel 7 news, the FTC and any other agency to hear about this situation until this employee stops descriminating and harrassing us while we pump gas by calling police.

Thank you
Shannon McNamara

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    No resolution the people that troll this website are disturbed and harrassing themselves. I am good, this was wrong place to post.

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    You guys are funny..please keep going with your whole saga a stupid. It is hilarious. What are you going to come up with this time. Lolololol. Hey your right I should have paid more attention to the spell check, but I was tired and very upset what...i realize this is a joke board now anyway... lets see what else you got...


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    You’re ridiculous. Get your ID fixed. Who does that? I mean, really. You sound backwoods. Also learn to spells. Good god.

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    @TheManager Who the hell trolls complaint boards leaving rude comments. Someone incredibly lonely with no life and very insecure. Get some friends or a hobby or something. Get a life troll.

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    @First Born Triplet I apologize to you that was a mistake. I thought it was a post from the first troll that commented. My apologies.

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    @TheManager Learn to spells? Really?

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    Stop gambling.


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