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Chevron Corporationlack of professionalism

When did this happen? 3/31/09. This Chevron is near my place of resident so it was a normal stop for me. I had a disagreement with the cashier on how much I gave here. I stated $50 she stated $45. She was adamant I only gave her $4 so I asked to speak to the owner. I had asked him for his name which seem to set him off so he was immediately defensive and unwilling to listen. Anyone that has dealt with poor service understands you get the person’s name who is trying to resolve your compliant. It was clear in the first 1minute of our conversation he lacked experience in dealing with a customer complaint. I found out later he was the owner’s son which explained his attitude, his unwillingness, experience with customers, his temper, and why his dad put him on car washing duties (he was wearing the same shirt as the car washers). He told me they did nothing wrong so I asked him to check the video tapes which would show how much I actually paid. He refused to look at the video surveillance and just gave me back the correct change. This started off by not getting the correct change back but later it revealed this business lacked competence, dealing with customer complaints, professionalism, and dealing honestly with customers. I will now drive a few blocks the other way and spend my money at that Chevron.

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