Checkers & Rally'sdm jerret coleman

L Jan 28, 2020

My name is Liset Quinones an employee at Store 5334. The DM is not doing his job. Myself and the other team members have complained to him bout our pay not being on time. We gets no response from him at all. My GM hasn't been paid in 3 weeks. He took it upon himself to do the schedule and only scheduled me for 2 days totaling 8 hours. I don't know how he got his job but he needs to be re-evaluated. I'm going to the labor board and put in my complaint with this company as well. I have worked for checkers for bout 5 years. I must say this last year had been the worst. Never have I ever been scheduled for 2 days . I live a distant away from the location to be scheduled for two days. Ridiculous. While we told him that someone has been stealing he still has done nothing but gives that person 25 hours of work. He needs to go. He is not helping your company at all. Labor board will be called. License and Inspections will be called. Health Department will be called and the media will be called.

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