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R Dec 06, 2019

My name is Sally Bryant, standard id# R002682, dob 02-22-1955. I have Worked for Chase for 16 years come mid January 2020 and I am on short term disability for a complete total knee replacement on my left knee. I had a total knee replacement done on my right knee in late August 2015 before Chase outsourced to Sedgwick and I had no problems getting the time I needed off to recover fully before I went to back to work. Now four years later I have done my other knee And it was 10 times worse than my first knee and I had two setbacks and I had to go to the hospital and skip physical therapy for five Weeks after my hospital visit and then two weeks later going to my doctor and finally getting on two different medicines to help the terrible muscle spasms and muscle cramps in my leg That caused me to not be able to do therapy until it all healed up. These muscle spasms were the worst thing I've ever had in my life and by skipping five weeks of physical therapy I am now trying to catch up and doing intense therapy three times a week at Advanced Therapy which only has hours 8 to 6 so there is no way I can work and do therapy there and at home and recover fully enough to be able to even work and sit at a desk for 10 hours. Also I am still not sleeping through the night and taking opioids to help me sleep and get through the pain so I cannot drive or concentrate enough yet to work 10 hours a day at a desk all day answering phones back to back all day long!!! I cannot even go up and down stairs normal yet and have no strength in my left leg and after my husband's company, not Chase spent $137, 000 on my surgery I am not taking any chances of not getting my physical therapy and rest in before I am ready to go back to work. My surgeon has sent all the information over many times to Sedwick letting them know I should not go back to work until January 2, 2020 and Sedgwick had the nerve to decline my last six weeks off after November 23, 2019. It Is impossible for me to go back to work now until January and they have the nerve to decline my extension even though the last time I was off the same amount of time as I requested this time and had no problems getting it approved from late August until January 2nd, 2020 and again my Knee was 10 times worse this time!!! I am appealing the claim denial And working with Chase concierge and Chase HR departments to have them speak on my behalf to Sedgwick and I have talked to my lawyer about suing Sedgwick for harassment of a disabled person and trying to make me go back to work before I am ready and before the surgeon agreed that I should go back. Who does Sedgwick think they are to override what my doctor said that I should not go back to work yet, Sedgwick is the worst company I've ever dealt with and should be fired from Chase and Chase should do their own short term disability's and FMLA, they are disgusting and I will not put up with their harassment. I have contacted my lawyer and if Chase doesn't oversee and get this fixed I will be suing Sedgwick and filing a complaint with Jamie Dimon. Thanks

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