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Chartwells Dining Service review: Sanitation - Food Handling

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September 25, 2015 Chartwell's Dining Service at Salem State University North Dining Hall. The person making the sandwiches there, began making a sandwich for me. He asked what dressing I wanted, did not tell me what they had there. I guessed and requested ranch dressing. He picked up a container, which has an open tip. He poured out a bit onto his finger, with gloves on and licked it. He then said, yes it's ranch. He then proceeded to make a sandwich for me, with the same gloves he had just put into his mouth.

Apparently I was in shock, because I purchased the sandwich after he had picked up the sandwich fillings with his filthy gloves and went and sat down. I couldn't eat it, and I didn't want to get anyone in trouble. I told one of the workers there, she agreed it was pretty unsanitary and made me a new sandwich. I asked her to tell the gentleman in charge.

I will starve, eat out of a vending machine or eat elsewhere but never at Salem State University's Chartwell dining service on North Campus.

Apparently, in the food business some people don't realize that plastic gloves are to protect the consumer from all the filth on their hands. People handle our food and do not change their gloves, don't wash their hands, touch everything and now put their finger in their mouth to taste test.