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This school has hired an accountant that has no idea what he is doing. The school believes that because he has a masters degree that he can teach. He has no teaching Experience and when a student doesn't understand he embarasses the person in class when they ask for help. This teacher spent four weeks teaching three chapters in a book then he expected us to read three chapters and do all the work and computer program work for the three chapters all done in THREE DAYS, if we don't do it we fail. This is just a small Charter College not a university but he wants to stand and lechure for hours mostly on things that are not a part of our class assignment, he doesn't realize we don't have that kind of time this is a crash course and time is important. Someone needs to tell him that he is getting paid to instruct us, show us how to do the work. If I wanted to teach myself I would have signed up for a online course.


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    Brandi A. Aug 01, 2012

    Hello Untaught,
    We are very concerned about the quality of education our students receive and are continuously evaluating our curriculum and faculty. We encourage you to speak with a Campus Representative regarding your experience at Charter College; you may contact the Lancaster Campus directly at 661.341.3500.
    - Brandi, Charter College

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