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Charles J.Conway, Esq

Charles J.Conway, Esq review: Poor representation!

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We filed a lawsuit against a contractor. Mr. Conway told us we had an excellent case but getting the money from the contractor would probably be a problem... we went ahead... now one month before our court date he tells us he isn't well and court would be very tiring and talks my 85 year old mother into settling for $20,500. He comes to work poorly dressed and did not do any of the preparation for expert witnesses. He had the client, me do all the footwork and then ignored all the evidence I provided which made our case solid. Since last February when we hired him we asked several times for a bill up to that time... we still have not received any bill. I would provide him with information which I highly doubt he even looked at because I had to keep reminding him of all the discrepancies that made our case. I feel he bailed on us not because we wouldn't win, which I feel we would have but because he wasn't up to a trial.