[Resolved] Joel Villa and Dental Caucasian Surgeon from Saint Anthony Hospital in Summit County Frisco Colorado USAhospital services

Cl Dec 02, 2018 Frisco, Colorados

Joel Villa (Mexican Trnasexual Male prostitute) and Dental Surgeon Caucasian Joel Manager from Saint Anthony Hospital Summit County Frisco Colorado Usa.

Are part of a organization crime that uses dental chips to Torture their patients. They being doing this with many many patients in Summit County area in Frisco Colorado, USA.

Be aware stay away from this place

  • Resolution statement

    These 2 creeps are using a satélite they used to research patients to commit crimes all over summit county area. Collections team used this program to try to damage others health in order for them to keep getting money from their patients . Search for a" torture ware program"

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