CEFCO Convenience Storesappallingly rude cashier named tyra

B Jan 14, 2020

I asked for a pack of Marboro menthol 100s and pointed to the ones with a coupon the girl handed me the Marboro menthol lights I handed them back and said these are not correct I'd like the Marboro menthol full flavor the solid green ones I was on my phone so just grab the cigarettes and went to leave and when I got outside I realize they were wrong I went back in and said no these are not the right ones still and a girl name Tyra came over slammed the pack of cigarettes back on the counter that I was trying to hand back and yelled for the other girl saying in a very rude tone, your gonna have to give her a refund! And walked away not saying one word to me. To this I said I'm sorry but I clearly asked for the Marlboro menthols and she cut me off screaming at me that I was on my phone and she can't get me what I asked for because I was on my phone now get out girl bye! Shocked I then say no mamn you can hear me no matter what's going on you need to learn your products, and tell her forget it I will just keep the wrong cigarettes and to this she says no customer service doesn't deal with people on their phones it's your fault you shouldn't have came in here on your phone so get out and I said mamn you need to set an example screaming at a customer in your store isn't the way and I'm sorry my being On the phone does not make you unable to hear what I asked for. I asked her name and she said Tyra now what, exactly what I thought! I have NEVER EVER been disrespected by a person working as a cashier like this in my life! The store had other customers and other workers and they all looked shocked as well. This all happened at about 10:15 PM on January 13, 2020 in temple Texas 31st street location by Walmart. I go to this store every night after work and over the last 2 months it's gotten just terrible the line takes at least 20 minutes almost every night to just pay for gas. There is no sense of urgency or care for my time in fact they look mad that I bothered them. This woman tonight though was so aggressive I felt forced to buy something I did not ask for or want and my money and business is just not appreciated or wanted there. It's not right at all and I hope some one somewhere is sure to address this woman before she runs off all your business or worse assaults your customers, I do not feel safe returning to this location at all.

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