CBSSports.compga final round coverage

J Aug 13, 2018

During the final hole of the PGA Championship final round. I was listening to the tournament on the radio broadcast. While Adam Scott was preparing the hit the shot, the male commentator mentioned that Brooks Koepka was probably anxious to hit is second shot to the green. The female (with a Scottish accent?) said that he was soaking it all in that that she was her eyes were "feasting on Brooks Koepka". She followed up by saying that even the the trophy was the largest one in golf he would obviously have no problem hoisting it.

Now imagine if this happened at the LPGA Major . . . A male commentator saying his eyes were "Feasting on Lexi Thompson" or whoever? Would there be an outrage . . . certainly.

Not only was this objectifying behavior (he's a golfer not a runway model), it certainly lacks journalistic integrity.

CBS . . . there should be a clarification or apology. It is patronizing to NOT call out someone who unprofessionally

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