CBS Sports / CBS Interactivepeter kostis needs to go

Y Jul 14, 2019

Peter Kostis has been around for years and instead of growing as a golf commentator he has been in a steady state of decline for at least six or seven years. How can you, Frank Chirkanian, watch your golf broadcasts and not call Kostis on the carpet for the litany of misinformation and mistakes he makes as a rule, not an exception. It would be different if you had no alternatives. Even if you cannot replace Kostis with your budget, either get a budget increase or give him his walking papers. Nothing personal, he is probably a nice guy and it can be hard to part with a long-time family member but why would you let yourself and your broadcast team be dragged down in the name of sentiment and loyalty? I'd itemize the blunders Kostis has made but then I'd have to send you an invoice for doing your job for you.

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