CBS Interactivedisability back payment due to father committing suicide waiting on payment

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My father was found dead in his apartment on March 21, 2016. He committed suicide approximately on March 11th and was found later in his apartment. He had been working on getting Disability for almost two years until he finally gave up. His health would not allow him to work anymore due to his uncontrollable diabetes. He had lost half of his foot and was starting to go blind. Previous to filing for this claim he gave 19 years of his life to the Army Corp of Engineers as a Environmental Engineer helping construct many lakes in this area such as Lake Ray Roberts. He then was a environmental engineer in the planning of the Dart Rail System in the DFW area. After being laid off, he then went to work for Denton County Corrections Officer for the last 10 years of his life. He put into the system more than his share and was a good decent honest man. He worked on disability for over two years as his health deteriated over time. He started to go blind and was feeling hopeless and ended his life. As a nurse I know how to file for disability for my patients. His lawyer and the Social Security office gave him the run around and just took his money. His check was finally deposited after he took his life. The check was returned to the payment center and has been sitting there for over a year. My sister and myself submitted the proper forms along with a death certificate in August of 2016. We sat and waited for several months and followed up via phone. Not once did they state that they did not have the day of death. I then went to the social security office in Denton TX to see what was going on. Whom ever processed are claim in August did not enter his day of death. So here we are a year after his passing with still no resolve. I have contact the SS department on a biweekly basis to follow up and each time I am asked did your father pass. I am beside myself and can only imagine how my father was feeling prior to taking his life. The systems is backwards! I have contact Mike Burgess's office to assist in resolving this matter and we seem at a stand still. My goal in this is to make the government aware of all the flaws in this system as well as get the money that my father fought for and ultimately added in him ending his life. Please help in this matter.

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      Apr 09, 2017

    Anita That's why it is called abc interactive as people ask for help and the newsstaff should respond with feed back if they would or would not be willing to do a story on that topic. This board is set up for many reasons. Not just the fact that they are a one sided in there news reporting. Not one time e he I heard them ask the Democraticsame why Obama allowed the recording transcript with names be sent around to the intelligence community. Not one time has CBS addressed or ask why did the Clinton close there foundating after she lose the election and what happened to all the money that country's donated. If it was a foundation to help people then why did they open there records to show where the money want to as stated by the government. Why when asking for the information u derived the freedom of information act the Clintonnext will not release the information. Look it is like this even if you don't like Trump those quistions should be asked to the Clintons. Why is CBS covering for the clintons

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