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Complaints & Reviews

distracting background music

We wish to ask cbs broadcasting what purpose it serves to have "background music" on all their programs. Half the time they are louder than the conversation we are trying to listen to. We realize background music has been around for a long time... But this new background "noise" behind the background music is very distracting from the programs and frustrating to the listener. If it continues we will choose to watch another broadcaster... Thanks for listening

  • Bi
    Bill_H Jan 17, 2010

    It is not just the distraction but the type of 'music' (often it does not pretend to be music) which is often fairly jarring and irritating. I have just had to walk out of my room as my wife watched what could have been a good program. However, the unnecessary sound effects made listening to the program almost painful - it certainly rose my blood pressure. Ironically, it was about Tibetan nomads so why the screechy noises? Obviously, some people are not disturbed by it but many are. However, nobody I have asked has said that these noises add to the program - so if a proportion of the people are diturbed by them and the other section are not fussed, why are they there? Often it seems to be there because there are excessive sound engineers - when I watch some DVDs, the only image I get is a failed pop star beside an electronic synthesiser trying to make a name for him/herself. If it does not add to the show then why is it there? This is especially true of so called doumentaries when the 'evil' person or idea is preceded by dark music whilst the 'goodies' have much less aggressive sounds associated with them - in other words it is propaganda not a real attempt at portraying and objective picture.

    1 Votes
  • Ch
    Charles Severson Sep 03, 2011

    My girlfriend has been complaining about the background noises on CBS which makes the conversation indistinguishable (which is the reason we watch and listen). Fix it ###s or you're not going to have any listeners to gouge the commercial buyers with. I already watch old shows on Hulu, which might be a good cure for this problem. Hook up your TV to a computer and have your pick of shows without the noise. There are hundreds of them.

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    Kathlinda Richards Feb 09, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CBS - turn down the damn background music on your prime time shows. I can't understand the dialogue. I'm ready to completely stop watching CBS shows!!!

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  • Dp
    DP999 May 11, 2016

    We agree - background "music" is very often loud and irritating to the point that it not only distracts from the program but makes hearing the dialogue nearly impossible.

    0 Votes

pyrex problems

I’m writing from cbs 3 in philadelphia where we are working on a story about pyrex problems. I would...