Castle Dental / negligence, failure to provide treatment

Td Aug 13, 2019

I have had a terrible experience at Castle Dental -Nashville. One June 12 I had an appointment to have two permanent crowns put on. The second one wasn't ready so they put a temporary crown on. They scheduled me to come back July 2 to have a permanent crown put on the second tooth. After I went there that day and signed in at the front desk, the receptionist informed me that the crown was not ready. She told me it should be back from the lab in about a week. After a couple weeks passed I called for an update on my crown. The receptionist I talked to on the phone said she would check on it and call me back withing 24 hrs. I heard nothing. I called again a couple days later. A different person spoke to me and said the same. Again I received no call from them. After another week passed I called my insurance company to file a complaint. By the time the crown came in on July 31 I had already given up and was experiencing some debris where the temporary crown was. I asked my insurance provider to switch dentists and had to schedule two appointments with them, the first to clean out the decayed temporary crown and put on a new temporary and the second appointment to put on a permanent crown. I was out an additional $807.00 directly due to Castle Dental's negligence and malpractice. There was no attempt to communicate with me after my initial June 12 office visit. This awful example of customer service and failure to provide treatment resulted in much stress and concern that I may do additional damage to the unprotected tooth. Not to mention the additional cost of having to get it completed somewhere else. I am totally disgusted with what happened to me and sincerely hope that there is a serious inquiry into this matter. I believe I should be compensated the $807.00 from Castle Dental.

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