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Cash ConnectMoney fraud

Received a call this morning at 10-13-09. Caller left me a message said it was time sentive that i call him back, or i will be arrested. When i called back they stated i owed an outstanding loan. I thought maybe they were right i did do a payday loan awhile back, but couldn't remember when, i was sure i paid it. I get ssi for anxiety they said i had till 5pm today to pay or i would be arrested. I am a low income family so i was scared and agreed to pay the 814.44 with a debit card. They also told me to fax them a letter with a certain message create by them and have it notarized. They had my ss number all my personal information. i thought it was legit. However when i wet to verify there phone numbers i got no answer. Finally a lady called back to verify my card. I asked to talk to her boss and told the man that none of their phones were listed anywhere in the u.s and their business was not listed in the better business bureau. I then stated they best not use my card until they hear from my attorney. The man named Nathan Rice agreed and became very nice and said he understood. Then I had to talk to a Mr. Brown because they took the funds anyway, big freakin surprise. He said he would refund my money in twenty days and i would be arrested. I said i wanted it back in 2o minutes they took it out in that time frame i want it back. I was left in tears. Here I catch them at there game but a little to late. So others please beware. These people sound legit because they have all your personal items. Report them immediately. I may be able to get my money back with fraud alert from my debit card wish me luck. Gosh i feel like an ###. So sad this people are allowed to roam free. Thanks angie Betts [protected]

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  • Di
    Diane Henley Oct 13, 2009

    I received a message from this company on 10-9-09, saying there was a warrant for me due to not paying back payday loans they supposedly deposited into my checking account. The man had a thick middle eastern accent, and had all my personal information. I had taken out several payday loans over the last couple years, but the last one had been several months ago and it was completely paid off. He claimed he was charging me with bank fraud, and some other charges. When I asked for paperwork regarding this, he claimed I would have to get it from my employer this afternoon. I have seen several posts in the last couple days where this is happening to others, and it seems to be fairly recent, so I don't know what happens, but it IS fradulent. Please don't verify any information to them, and contact the FBI.

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  • Mi
    Mick NY Nov 12, 2009

    My ex wife had the same issue, we fell for it and I paid them as she was concerned and had taken out a payday loan but had paid it off. They threatened and harassed her to no end. Calling every 5 minutes, claiming to be lawyers, all in an effort to extort money from her. As I said I paid over a thousand dollars to these people and it is a scam PLEASE do not fall for it.

    Call and report them to the FBI even their website has a warning about how they are not to be trusted. You can see it here:

    We are currently fighting to get the money back, and are fighting to make sure they do not get away with this again.

    They change their phone numbers constantly and do not accept items through the mail to avoid being shut down. Their collection practices even if for actual debts violate the fair debt collection act. Read it and be aware of your rights.

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  • Cm
    CM in Fort Worth, TX Dec 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was almost a victim of this crime. I was contacted by "Eric Mathews" asking for my attorney's name. I told him I don't have an attorney and I don't know who you are. He continued, stating that a criminal case would be filed against me and that i would loose my job. He said I had an unpaid payday loan in the amt of 200.00 dollars and that the charges now total over 600.00. I did take a payday loan out but found all my documentation where I had paid it back in full. When I told him this he became very irrate and said that the lender would not pay him to be collecting on it if it had been paid in full. I got my Debit card out and tried to call to pay him $400.00 dollars (I couldn't afford to loose my job) but there was no answer when i called. I happened to go online to look the company up and saw all the comments against them. Even went to their web site which also states a fraud alert. I clicked the link from the fraud alert on their web site and reported them. I was saved $400.00 dollars because they simply didn't answer their phone when i tried to pay them. Cash Connect is a fraud and if you get contacted by them please report them immediately. The most horrible thing is that after talking with "Eric Mathews" each time his last statement to me was "God bless you". My last contact with him was informing him that i had gone on line and saw all the claims against the company and that I wasn't sending him any money. He stating he would be filing with the criminal courts. I told him that I had filed with the FBI so we shall see what happens.

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  • Ss
    ssrupsetandangry Jun 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received phone calls over and over from these middle-eastern people. They were very vague and said I owed an astronomical amount of money, and if I didn't pay right away, they'd send the police after me and "find ways of taking the money anyway." They were rude and hurtful, and kept harassing me throughout the day. I contacted my bank, Identity Theft, FBI, my lawyer, and the local police, and they all said to request documentation. Once I asked for documentation, they yelled at me and said that they'd get me documents once I paid up. I'm not stupid enough to send money to some smelly people sitting on a couch, trying to use my hard earned money to go buy more hookah and gold curtains. Just beware. They'll know your SS number, and much more, so you need to report this and get a LifeLock on your credit.

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  • Pi
    pinkhdz Dec 12, 2010

    oh my goodness! I almost fell for this. I was going to get a lawyer on Monday and tell him that I was willing to pay but I first wanted proof that they had sent the $500.00 to my account. Does anyone have a number where I can report them. They have been harassing me for a few days by phone to my cell and work. They said I would get arrested on Tuesday and so will my sister because she was my reference. They said they were calling from the Federal Bereau of Legislation. Their names are "Kevin Coils" (atleast that's what I understood because he has a strong accent) and "Jason Dasey". The only reason I looked them up online was to see if I had actually taken a loan from them. Please if anyone knows where I can report them help me out with a phone number. Thank you and God Bless You for your warnings.

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  • Jr
    J RIvera911 Jan 11, 2011

    Thanks everyone for reporting your stories. i justgot a call from them myself. They said they sent 795.00 to my account and that I'm going to get arrested because I didn't pay any money back. The asked for my attorneys info. I told them I didn't need one because I never recvd any money. I was kind of scare until he said that they will serve me payper in 24 hours and I'll have a court date on thursday. Now everyone knows you have to wait weeks or months before you can get a court date. So I think there fake. I'm not paying any money. I'm just afraid that they will use my info for something else. Were can I report them. I think that I'm going to call them back and try to recors the conversation.

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  • Bo
    bolksy Jan 17, 2011

    The information here has been helpful to me when this group began trying to extort money from my son so I decded to post my story to help the next potential victim of this group. I received calls from this group on 3 separate occasions. The first time they called they said that my son had taken out a loan with Cash Connect and had not paid. The loan waas $350.00 but with all the legal fees it would be around $700 to pay it off. They said if it was not paid they would send police to "escort" him to California for his court date (we live in Texas) the following Monday. I checked it out with my son and he had no knowledge of the loan. I called them back and told them to fax the paperwork. They said they didnt have any paperwork because it was all done online. I told them I felt they were a scam outfit and they stopped calling. Lo and behold, they began calling about six months later with the same story. After the last try I had checked out my son's credit reports and checked out cash connect online and found this site. I once again told them they were a scam and that I wanted paperwork. They said they didn't have any and gave me some bogus number for an EFT transaction. My son humored me and checked his bank statements and had no record of any fund transfer. I called them back to let them know that I had contacted my attorney and that he said I need to get a copy of the case filing and the address of the court it was filed in. They hung up on me and did not call back. A few weeks later I began to get calls on my cell phone for another one of their victims. Somehow they had put my number with her name. They called and called for two straight days. Each time I told them they had a wrong number and to stop calling. The last time they called they stated the woman's name and address and said that the police would be coming to escort her back to California the next week if she didn't pay. The address they gave for her was in Florida. I said they were calling a number in Texas and they quit calling. PLEASE don't get sucked in. They must have some spyware that they got my son's information when he was contemplating a payday loan but never went through with it. Not all websites are safe so be careful! OBTW...I read that you are never arrested for debt collection of this nature. That is why they try to scare people by saying the police will "escort" them. They avoid using the term arrest.

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  • Ra
    random55484 Jan 28, 2011

    I knew immediately that this was a scam. I went along with the conversation to see how much information I could get from them. They more questions I asked, the more irritated they became with me. I was hung up on multiple times, but I am a very persistant Alabama girl and one thing you don't do is hang up on me. After my phone conversation, I used the help of google to check out their company name and the other information they gave me. The website for the name of the company they are using even has a consumer alert with a link to report them to the FBI.
    I went as far as to google the names they gave me. Jason Dasey--News/Sports Anchor, Peter Jackson--Film Director, James Parker--Photographer. The mailing address they gave me was for the California Supreme Court. Needless to say, all their information is bogus. Don't fall for their scam. And as the previous commentor said, They CANNOT arrest you for a debt collection, nor will they take you to a different state.

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  • Dm
    D Mcconnell Feb 26, 2011

    yeah i understand how u feel they called me today 2/26/2011 and the guy said his name was officer charles brown to me that means charley brown lol but enough of that they told me the same things and said that i had a supena for my arrest and that i was going to be arrestted they are getting smarter here cause they asked for my lawyers name so they could send it to him and such. charles brown read me some info could hardly understand what he was saying so i asked him what company was doing this and i wanted a phone number for them, he got mad at me and i was yelling at him i asked to talk to his suppior and he said there was no one above him. i told him this was bs and told him to have a nice day and hung up on him, he calls me back about 15mins later and i said didn't i tell u not to call me at my work place again, he said don't hang up on me and i said let me have your badge number so he gave me a what i think is a bogus badge # and i said let me talk to your supervisor he says hold on a min and gets off the phone then someone or maybe this charles brown gets back on the phone and starts in i tell him i started the app for the loan then noticed it was a payday loan and i don't do those cause they can suck u in so i stopped doing it well he says that i did get the money and i needed to pay i told him i talked to my bank and that they said and i know because i keep a close eye on my account that i had never recieved any money in that amount from anyone he started to get evil and i tell him to give me his badge # and he tells me that he doesn't have to give it to me all the while the phone seems to be echoing and i hear what i say only after i say it. I tell him that as a paying united states citizen that im entiled to that info he tells me that if i was a paying united states citizen that i would not be in this pridicament. needless to say i hung up on him he did have my social and was missing a number on my back account i also called the police department in new york and the law firm he gave me was law and investigation dept so then i new i called the one in ny cause he said he was based in ny county and i called them and they said that they only investicate in ny thank god i caught on before i did anything supid and the lady at the ny place to me to call consumers affairs tried to call them butthey were gone for the night will try to call them on mon the number they gave me was [protected]

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  • Tl
    tlzinthefer Feb 26, 2011

    Got a message from the same east indian people as well, telling me there was a warrant out for my arrest. I called the number back and they knew who I was before I told them and said I owed a large amount on a pay day loan as well. I know I didn't take out a pay day loan, only inquired some info about possibly doing it. They had all my personal information which he told me, without any prompting from me what so ever. He had my SS#, address, bank acct number, routing number and everything. Same name was used-Eric Matthews as the officer and they were calling from a California area code. When I had a friend call the number it was to a magic jack number and not an official office number. Said the warrant was for not paying the loan and tax fraud from October of last year, along with 2 reference names that I did not know, wanted to settle for $644 or show up in California with my criminal lawyer and pay $5484. I told him I didn't receive any money and he said he had 16 proofs of evidence that it was real and I had received it. Told him again I didn't and he said "Yes, you did" and may God bless you to take care of this matter and hung up on me. The number that he gave me was [protected]...DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

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  • Je
    jeraldtesha Apr 27, 2011

    I just recieved a call from them saying that I owe $9, 000 from a loan I haven't got a loan in about 4 years couldn't even get aprove for a loan now the basstards have all my information including my social security number address and so on what the hell is this world coming to he called the wrong person today because with my attitude he wasn't going to pull that crap on me I told him that I knew this was a scam and he better stop calling my phone number and lose my information he gets mad cause I didn't fall for his scheme and says well get an attorney and we will mail you a letter I told hime to go F himself don't call this number again or you will have a bad day.

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  • Se
    SEKHMET36 Apr 28, 2011

    Wow, i'm really scared now after reading all this.efore they claimed to be " Cash Connect " they were calling me claiming to be the department of justice...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yea, i went to the Dpt. of Justice web-site and nothing, even spoke with someone there, anywho, now they are harrasing me as " Cash Connect "...My question is, after reading all of this, are we safe? If they have all of our info are they able to do ay damage to us finacialy and have any of you guys since your run-in with them had any problems with your finances, bank, or anything else? I did apply for and recieved a on-line loan and changed banks right before, i would hate to change everything again so soon, but if i must. Btw, the" Supervisor " i spoke with was Brian Coleman F'n Hackers!

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  • Mm
    mmo9311 Aug 29, 2012

    ok so this happened to my mom too .. she didnt pay them anything the called saying they were eriv or kevin it was a majic jack number from riverdale cal hey said that they were to have her arrested and all that the guy eric was so rude to her he told her not to interupt till he was done when he was done he asked any questions and she said that why didnt you arrest me last time with thia bogus allagation and he told her to shut up then he hung up kevin then called and i her daughter answered and they told me i would be arrested for harboring a fugitive and i was responcible for her debt and then and i better relay the message when i said no he told me i was a ### and then it pissed me off u dont mess with a michigan so i got mean back abd then he started calliny me a prostitute abd all the just because we stood our ground and didnt gibe in

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