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I know a few people that work at the warehouse for Carolina Logistics Services and it sickens me when they tell me how they have to throw perfectly good merchandise away over and over again threw out the day. If the box is cut or opened in anyway no matter if there is nothing wrong with the merchandise they have to THROW IT AWAY. This company moves all different types of merchandise from food to pharmaceuticals.

I have a serious problem with this practice. Why not DONATE it instead of throwing it away in already overwhelmed dumps all over the country. I can hear my mother saying in my head when I didn’t want to eat my food, “There are staring children that would love to eat that food and you want to throw it away!” I am not a tree hugger or anything of that sort but WHY if you have a case of Diapers that only has a cut in one bag DO YOU HAVE TO THROW THE WHOLE CASE AWAY? Can’t you donate it to doctors offices or women’s shelters? This just really makes no sense to me!

I would hope that someone out there would investigate this issue and take action. I don’t want to get anyone fired for telling outsiders what is going on behind closed doors, but I can’t stand by and watch good things going to waist where there are so many people out there that could use them instead of laying in a landfill.

Sep 28, 2007 6:57 am EDT

I never heard of this company but it is a shame that this is happening where so many people could use help with everyday merchandise! I hope someone goes in and checks this out. We don't need more landfills!