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This is regarding the query about classroom programme. My name is Ranjan kumar jha, i joined career power (12-22 noida) on August 5 in morning batch. After ten days my job shift timing has changed as you also know that banking hour in south has been sechduled from 9:30 am.and i am in operation department so i need to reach office at 9:15. So i can't attend class. I communicated with Abhishek shrivastva.but didn't get satisfactory reply he told me about other timing but that doesn't fit for me. So now please suggest me what should i do will you refund my fee ? please provide assistance. I have attached the image of pay slip and registration idfor your reference.
After fee getting paid once, forget about resolution .i am continuously following up from more then 20 days for the resolution but nothing happened. Even they didn't receive call. Very terrible service by adda247. I never expected this type of service.if there would be any options for attachment then you people could see how i am following from twenty day and they are just ignoring.hanks and regards,


Oct 07, 2019

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