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  • Am
    americanrights May 07, 2014

    Been getting these calls for sometime now and just recently started to give them fake names an playing along to see where it takes me. One told me he would be having a higher person up calling me back to discuss my options. I figured she would call me back with a legit number. She called me back and an soon as I told her that was not my real name she hung up on me. lol I called the number she called me back from and its a defense attonery in florida??????????? Very strange to me. They told me they work with companies to collect debts but are not aware of this. I don't owe any debts. In the mean time these people keep calling and I have been giving fake names again. One says they are card holder services and another said they are ACA= American credit assistance. True or not I don't know. In the mean time I have begun pressing 1 to speak to someone an when I have their full attention, I do a curlding scream into the phone, hopefully making them deaf. I have intention of getting a whistle or blow horn.

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  • Ti
    Tina P. Jun 28, 2014

    THIS IS RICH!!! I just received our most recent call from these "people" and they've finally reached their scummiest level yet. The caller ID had MY OWN NAME AND PHONE NUMBER!!!~ They have really reached the lowest I think they can go. I can't believe this person or company can not be stopped. I've had it. They suck!

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  • My
    Myrt2 Jul 18, 2014

    I too are getting calls from card holder services. The number I am getting is 252-756-0828. When I call this number back from my call back service, an Afro-American woman answers the phone. She then tells me she is not the above company. I do hope someone some where can stop such calls. My calls come twice a day, around 10 or 11 am EST tand around 5 or 6pm EST. They have been coming for about 3 and 1/2 months now every single day, Monday trough Saturday. I too am on the National Do Not Call Registry.

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  • Sh
    Shiroleuky Aug 21, 2014

    I have received several call from a company called Card Holder Services using my home number or my neighbors home phone numbers.This is not good, if they can use our own home phone numbers to call people what else can they steal?These people need to be stopped.I have reported this and have the phone company working on it along with FTC.

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  • Sh
    shebamutz Dec 02, 2014

    Anyone reading this has been getting call after call from "Rachel" (sic) about lowering your credit card % of interest. We all know this is a a scam run out of South Florida and just moves from place to place as the authorities either locally or with the Feds have little interest in or little ability to put these ### in jail for a meaningful time. When shut down they just open up down the street. Since I am retired and often have free time, I have developed methods of keeping these fools on the phone as long as possible. Always be compliant and pleasant and never curse, although you will want to do so. The people on the phone are low paid call center folks just hoping their checks don't bounce. If one could get to the real bosses, it would be great and we could picket their homes and harass their families...that would get their attention, along with jail time. Answer yes to their questions. Give them about a $15, 000 debt on 4 cards. When asked for a card #, ask if it would be o.k. to get the card so you can give them the information. After three or four minutes, start reading the 800#. This gives away nothing. You will be asked for the credit card number. You can start to read the first 8 numbers legit and then tell them the other numbers are hard to see and ask to hold while you get another card. When you come back in 3 or 4 minutes these dodo heads are usually still hanging on to the line. Before pretending to read the number ask in a very sweet, gentle voice if you could please know just a little about who you are giving this private info to. Often the poor telemarketer will start telling you his life's story. Better yet, you get transferred to a higher up and can string this dummy along for a long time. So far my record for wasting their time is about 40 minutes and provides me with a humorous experience. They never stop calling, so fight back and waste their time. I always sweetly tell them they have been punked and hang up on them. See if you can exceed keeping their line tied up for more than 30 minutes. Every minute you do this some person is being spared their call. Merry Christmas to all and to all no more robo calls.

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  • Sh
    shebamutz Dec 02, 2014

    These scammers are out of Orlando, FL, not Southern FL. You cannot dissuade or beat them; you CAN ONLY WASTE THEIR TIME. See how long you can sweetly and gently string them along. They don't seem to know how to handle "nice" as they get cursed and screamed at all the time. What amazes me is that there are so many low information folks out there (the reason Fox or Faux News can exist) who must fall for the scam; if this company was not making money, it would not be calling. What a depressing thought. When they ask for my name I always tell them Kishmein Touchus.

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  • Co
    ColNan Sep 09, 2015

    I get the calls on a daily basis, and have for over a year now, despite my telling them that I am on the Do Not Call list. Today I pressed "1" and told the person that there is a FCC law against robocalls - he had the audacity to say that they didn't call me, but that I called them when I pressed '1'. I explained that the robocall called me, and that his company was subject to a $1, 500 fine for each call - he laughed and said they would never be fined. He started talking over me, and I heard curse words, so I started repeating "Your robocall called me" - and repeated that for 10 minutes. I guess they can't disconnect when I keep talking. He put me on speaker phone and jeered that I was being a b*tch and Id*ot in front of 20 people, and I said "Good - the more scammers I waste the time of, the fewer people can be scammed. I promise to do this every time you call me" and continued my "Your robocall called me." After 10 minutes, I was disconnected. I figure if I kept one person from getting scammed by these con callers (I won't dignify them by calling them "artists"), I have done my good deed for the day. I already have a plan for tomorrow's call - I will read the FCC rules to them. I'm hoping for another speaker performance.

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  • Li
    Lisa the baker Sep 25, 2015

    This is totally a scam and further more something unethical is going on. I have no idea who these people are but there is something very fishy going on, i purchased a pre paid cell phone from Target last week for my 12 year old and the number that they just called from showed up with that number. I questioned the guy who by the way could hardly speak English who proceeded to tell me there was no way and I started screaming at him telling him yes it was and I wanted to speak to a supervisor and he hung up on me. Is Target selling our information? That will be my first phone call or is Verizon because its a Verizon cell phone. I will find out and shame on Target if it is!!

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  • Ok
    okiesdeals Feb 23, 2016

    Sick and tired of trying to get this company to quit calling me. I have requested 3 times to be removed. Last call was 3 minutes ago from Dallas Texas.. I am a day sleeper and they start call me at 7:45 AM and wake me up..Then I continue to get calls through out the day. I tried again to talk with someone.. I was 72nd caller on hold..I have waited twice in the past just to be able to contact someone..It does absolutely no good although they do promise to remove me from their call list.. What a pathetic company this is. I don't have credit card debt and want to know how to get this company to stop calling.. Oh how I wish they truly would make this my last chance. I am on the NO CALL list but it's ignored. If anyone starts a harassment lawsuit, you can bet my name will be on it.

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  • Mi
    Minnesota Nice Apr 13, 2016

    Card Holder Services have called non-stop for the last year or more! They have had phone numbers from all over the USA, even a caller ID of 000-000-0000 and most recently my caller ID says I am getting a call from my own phone number. I have asked repeatedly for them to stop. Today I was told by a representative that they do not have my phone number so they cannot take it off their list. He said they only receive calls when you hit the key to talk to a representative. The representatives do not make the calls. He said that the calls are made by their "system" and there is no way to stop the calls. Isn't that illegal or something? What is the DO NOT CALL list for? I am so mad right now. The guy just laughed and said, "Lots of luck getting the calls to stop" and hung up. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

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  • Ja
    Jasmine2121 Dec 01, 2017

    After receiving a card that was used after being opened for 3 days I called into Cardholder Services (888.853.9536) to dispute the charge. They said I would receive a notice in the mail to contest the charge. After a month, I called in to let them know I never got the form. They then faxed the form to me which I tried to fax back to them multiple times and the line doesn't work. I used different faxes, sent it at different times, etc. I called in to explain this to them and the representative gave me a fax number to another department and said to list on the cover sheet to transfer it to the Dispute Department. I called the next day to confirm it was received and was told that they can't transfer the faxes, so to try and fax it again to the first number they gave me. I kept explaining that it doesn't work, but they said it's either fax it or mail it in, so I tried to fax it again. AND GUESS WHAT, the fax number still doesn't work! So now I have to send it in via mail and wait 90 days for a resolution.

    Seriously get it together and figure out a better way to help your paying customers. Clearly, your fax doesn't work and you're expecting customers to pay multiple times to have things faxed and mailed to you.

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  • Ca
    Cameal sanchez Apr 07, 2019

    I received a letter in the mail saying thank you for contacting cardholder services about my recent change of address and says this letter confirms that we have updated your prepaid a cause follows and I never ever had an account with this company. Please email me back asap. This is fraud

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  • Kr
    Krista Taylor Jul 29, 2019

    @Cameal sanchez I just got the same letter yesterday. same exact wording. I'm wondering if this constitutes mail fraud--mail fraud is a federal crime.

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  • Ra
    Raneesha McCall Oct 02, 2019

    @Cameal sanchez I received the same letter today, did you ever figure out what’s going on with this? I’m trying to get to the bottom of it.

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  • Sh
    Shel Will Oct 29, 2019

    @Cameal sanchez I just received the same letter in the mail. I was wondering if someone stole my personal information.

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