Capital Oneterrible service and company in hole


I found a couple of charges on my Capitalone credit card that were not written in the terms when I signed in online. First one is Payment protection service. It charged me 1 % of what I spent on the credit card. I found this charge on my third day and immediately called [protected] to cancel the service, so the damage was comparably small and was around $2, but if I was too late, the damage could be insane. The more you spend, the more you pay.

Second one is Creditinform service which charged me $5.99/ month. I found this on my second month, and called [protected] immediately. The phone operator surely agreed to cancel and refund. It's been three weeks since then, but I haven't received the refund yet. I called them again and they told me that it is in process and takes around one billing cycle (it means probably a month, but they can't promise...) to refund. I recommend asking the name of phone operator, confirmation# and when you can get the refund.

If you got a Capitalone credit card, first thing to do is to call [protected](Payment protection) and [protected] (Creditinform) to cancel these things in advance unless you want these services. Don't forget to ask his/her name and confirmation#, and watch your online account at least twice a week to make sure that there is no other unexpected charges. The customer service was quite annoying. Probably the phone operators are paid for taking at least 5 minutes to tell you all merits of these services, so be patient if you can.

I am going to cancel this card. I can not trust them after these two unexpected charges and am tired to watch the online statement everyday and calling the customer service every week, too much work just to make it right. One more thing, their due date of payment is very random. I asked them the rule of the due date, but they could not tell it. If you enrol to online statement, they don't give you any notice and the due date just sneaks up randomly. I asked them to e-mail me to notify the due date though, the answer was No. My other credit cards do this though I didn't ask. That's another reason that you have to check online statement pretty often.


  • Valerie Jul 10, 2008

    I was pre-selected as a credit card holder by capital one. But, I never activated the card because I did not like the terms to the card. Capital One opened my account and charged me a membership fee and late fees for the card I never activated.

    When I realized it is a kind of cheating, I argued for closing the account and canceling the unauthorized fee for me over phone. Although the capital one agents have promised to close my account and cancel the unauthorized fee for me, in fact they still hold on my account and charge me the late fee every month.

    I want to emphasize again. I don't want your capital one credit card account and to be your membership!!!

    Please cancel my charge and close the account for me, otherwise I will accuse.

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  • Ma
    Marty E. Ault Aug 22, 2008

    I still have my papers for when I started my account with Capital One "No Hassel" credit card in October 2003. I signed up for a fixed rate of 4.99% for the life of the card. I started looking closer to my statements this month and noticed that the rate was 9.90%. I called customer service and got this spill about them sending out a notice in February of this month regarding this matter. They said they never got a response from me, so they went ahead and discontinued the 4.99% rate and started the 9.90% rate. I told them that I would have been stupid not to respond to something like that in order to keep my fixed rate of 4.99%. The would not refund me any of my interest over the last 6-7 months where they charged me 9.90%. I did not think they could do this without my written signed consent or something. I am livid and very upset. I will never use Capital One again. Is there anything that I can do? They should not be able to do this to any customer. Especially when we have proof from the papers that I have stating 4.99% fixed rate. They should be made to keep this agreement. They sure would expect me to keep an agreement.

    Thank you,
    Marty E. Ault

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  • Ma
    MARGIE PHOEBUS Aug 30, 2008

    i have written and called about me accountsthe poeple are not very helpful and they do not care. I have canceled both of my cards I have sent them back, they were not actived amd they are adding charges to my account every month that i do not owe. they are charing a over the limit fee which they are causeing how can they do . I have not use these accounts for three years. I have paid anywhere from 50 to 75 dollars every month please can you help me as I am 69 and retired. iam paying this bill every month and getting nowhere

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  • Valerie Sep 03, 2008

    My husband and I opened a small account with capital one several years ago, we hardly ever used the card but kept it opened anyway. In Feb of 2008 I tried to make a payment on a 75.00 balance and was told that because they had word that our card may be used we needed a new card. I try to proceed and was sent to their fraud unit my husband spoke to them and they said it wasn't him they had no correct information on him so they didn't believe it was us.

    We told them we wanted to close the account a made a payment, now they did take our money, a couple of months later we found out we had a balance of 283.00 that they would not tell us how it got there. We have requested several times for a statement and still have not received one. Once again we paid the amount and ask for the account to be closed and to be sent a statement on the charges and nothing.

    I looked at our credit report again and it still has a balance and shows to be opened. We have been put on hold and never attended to, hung up on and spoke to very badly we don't know what else to do because of this it has caused our credit to go down 50 pts and we had great credit before this. Capital One is a rip off!!

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  • Ed
    Edpress Dec 25, 2016

    @Valerie Damned Mormons! Are they all married to little girls, and do they ALL steal like Hitler did?

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  • Ch
    Chas Oct 06, 2008

    Consumer beware...Capital one loan and credit card, started as a low interest rate and very good company to borrow money from.(At least I thought).
    It started when I went on Vacation and I was blocked from using my Capital One, credit card.I was never over the limit and always paid triple on the account.
    Out of no where, the interest rate was double ...I paid the balance off quickly, only to find out they wanted back interest.The interest had gone from 9.65 to 26.6%.
    This company is not rational and should have been regulated, to stop practices like this.
    I called and told them to take the card and cancel it and I also found to my surprize, a better interest rate with my Bank on a loan.
    The consumer needs protection and should be protected from outragous companies, like this.
    Just beware of Capital One.I'm sure we will be reading a lot about them.
    Can anyone tell me if Capital One is American based company and why the Government doesn't step in and get control of businesses, that tries to rip the consumer off?
    I haven't figured out why a business like Capital One, would want to run away, someone in good standing...

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  • Valerie Oct 15, 2008

    Capital One allowed a illegal charge to my credit card. I disputed the charge and they did a very poor job in checking the situation out. I had to take the company that made the illegal charge to small claims court where I received a judgment for the full amount. I would not have had to go through all this if Capital One would have taken a serious look into the situation.

    I would recommend that anyone who has a Capital One credit card look for another card service provider. My credit score is over 825 so they lost a good customer.

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  • Da
    Dave in Ct Mar 27, 2009

    Never thought I'd find myself in this position, BUT...I have to disagree with many of the complaints about Capital One. A number of years ago, due to divorce and business failure, I had to declare bankruptcy. Cap One was the only company that gave me credit after that. That alone made me grateful to them. But, allowing that we can call ANY credit company crooks and thieves and whatever, Capital One is different, and, in my view, much more fair and accomodating than any other. You might notice, for instance, they give you two chances a year to mess be late or forget a payment, before they hammer you with a rate increase...and that only lasts a year if they do. Also, you may notice that Cap One is the only company that rates your credit performance solely on your history with them. EVERY other credit card app I've seen rates and bases their terms to you on your performance with all other credit companies (eg: if you're late on a, say, Home Depot account, your WAMU account will use that as an excuse to raise your interest rate with them. Cap One doesn't. These are not small or insignificant differences. They saved my a** in a number of instances when I forgot or was too broke to pay on time. Cap One is in business like any other company, and will make money on fees or charges like anyone else...they'd be stupid or out of business if they don't. But for someone in my precarious financial situation, I'm damn glad I found them.

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  • Di
    Diane May 19, 2009

    I have to agree with the majority here... These helpful services that you don't even know you are being charged for don't help in getting your bill paid off. I thought that once I got my balance down to zero I would stop getting bills... I was wrong. I paid my bill off two months ago after getting another "helpful service" removed and refunded off my credit card balance. So a month went by and I got my refund. Another month went by and hello... a balance for what? What is this? So I called this Credit Inform and after a little short tempered talking (mostly by me because I was angry I was so trusting) I was able to cancel this service. Next I called this Payment Protection to attempt to cancel it. The person on the phone said, "We only charge you when you have a balance." I was confused. They wouldn't cancel it and I was tired of being told that i was wrong so I said, "Okay, thank you" and hung up. Now I'll just have to wait and see if I when I finally pay off this bill I will have another charge from Payment Protection or some other "helpful service" that I didn't ask for. I'm not saying all credit card companies are jerks I'm saying people are too gullible... I'm one of them. I let myself be taken advantage of and I'm sorry but I didn't pay my way through college without student loans only to have a credit card company put me into debt. No Sir.

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  • Ma
    Man Aug 05, 2010

    I am receiving numerous calls every day from Capital One Auto Finance since June, 2010. They call my home beginning around 8:00 a.m. until late in the evening. They are looking for a person who I've never heard of and who does not live at my home. The person they are looking for has the same last name as I do, which is a very common last name, as common as Smith or Jones. I've told them several times that the person they are looking for does not live here so take my phone number off of their list. Of course, they continue to call! I've never had an account with Capital One or Capital One Auto Finance (and I never will)! What's ridiculous is that they are never going to get a dime from the person they are looking for because they are not calling him, they are calling me, and they are certainly not going to get a dime from me!!

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  • Ti
    Tim Dewell Sep 09, 2010

    I called this company after seeing the deduction on my bill, and asked what it covered. In fact I was laid off for the summer and although my partner helps me it's been a struggle. It so happens that if one loses their job due to disability, lay off, or almost whatever, they will pay monthly payments and their payment for a period of time, then check again some months later to see if you might still be eligable. They say it does not effect your credit rating. So I said yes please, explained my situation, they said they would enable my benefits for a period of months and send a form to re-establish my situation after those months and if I started working to let them know. I think in these times with job loses and the economy so low maybe these companies arenn't all bad like having credit insurance. I'm glad I kept paying this company. And by the way I spoke with two english speaking people from america, whom were very nice and helpful. So as for Capitol One credit cards, well the main company itself is sometimes frustrating, but the protection plan for this company is great in my opinion.

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  • Ch
    chriryan85 Sep 30, 2010

    i got a statement recently phoned capital one mastercard in canada and they said the minimum payment section was wrong and told me what my minimum payment really was and it turned out to be about 100 bucks less then my bill said . so basically they have been telling me the wrong minimum payement for atleast a couple of months. the bill i got in the mail told me to pay atleast 183 bucks but capital one told me i only had to pay 33.26 but to pay over 120 to stay under my limit. so anyone else get told by capital one there minimum payment section was wrong.

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  • Bo
    bobby32x Jan 28, 2011

    I understand what "credit protection" is. I am also a 34 year old adult who can think and act for myself. When I signed up for this credit card, they offered the protection thing to me 2 times. Not just once, but twice. Both times I turned it down and they told me they opted out for me and that if I was interested, I could contact them in the future about this. The person I spoke to, told me that this "credit protection fee", is imposed by their business partner, not credit one. To me, that means that credit one, is allowing 3rd party companies to benefit from credit destroyed people such as myself. I opted out of this fee more than once and they signed me up anyway. Then, to top it off, when you contact credit one, they will tell you it is their business partner and they cannot reverse the transaction. My minimum payment is usually under 20 dollars and I pay minimum of 50 per month, usually 100 when affordable. In my opinion, this is theft...

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  • Sh
    Shushine Jun 28, 2011

    My wife & I have a Capital One Visa and a Mastercard. We have had these cards for a long time. I make our payments online and am NEVER late. I also pay at least 3 to 4 times the minimal payment amount. We just received notification that Capital One is raising our APR by over 4%. This is absolutely ridiculous. Because of the current state of our economy, I could maybe understand a raise of 1%. It seems to me that they are trying to make up their losses by ripping off the people that pay their bills on time! I was told that if I didn't agree with the change, they would simply cancel my cards!!! I also believe that because of the changes in laws to control credit card companies that are supposed to be coming, they are getting their gouging in early. I doubt that the new laws will be retro-active and they won't have to reduce the APR.

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  • Ra
    Randall9 Jun 29, 2011

    I was laid off, called the number listed on my billing statement and within 5 minutes, they had payed my outstanding bill (it was two months late with over limit fees and everything. That was last year, and I called today and they made my next month's payment (you can do this once per year even without a layoff) as well.

    The operator also told me to wait until the payment posts and I can the opt for a lower rate with out the annual one time payment option or just cancel at that time. I am currently paying $0.99 per $1, 000 on my card balance, and with my recently raised/used limit the payment protection is getting pretty pricey.

    Pretty nice of the operator to tell you how to maximize your benefit and let you know how to reduce or even cancel your service without a guilt or sales pitch!

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  • Ha
    Harrypoudel Jul 05, 2011

    Capital one used fake marketing schemes to apply for credit card .
    while talking to one of the agent, he assured me the card is 0% on everything for 12 months
    i even asked him to check it and he gave me the link and encouraged me to apply for it . I got the card in the mail and called them to make a balance transfer and they told me it is not 0% on the balance transfer .
    They use false techniques to make people attracted towards their card, and make people apply for it and once after the account is created they say differernt things .

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  • Fr
    frank majewski Jul 28, 2011

    made payment from ameriquest morgage co of california to capitol one they cut the check and send it direct to them capitol one mortaged my house back in 90 to pay all bills over 10, 000 worth they ameriquest wrote all checks out payable to all diffirent companys inc capitol one and mailed them direct to them in there name check with ameriquest for all details about full payment frank majewski bx 137 ft hunter ny 12069 acc no52910713611009323 [email protected] thank you

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  • Co
    Cooky138 Nov 11, 2011

    This is one credit card that is the biggest rip-off of the American public...I guess that's how they can afford to air all those commercials on television. I paid off the balance on my credit card and was still charged $76.00 more for interest. THIS IS ONE CARD I WILL NEVER HAVE AGAIN...They are nothing but thieves. Oh yeah, one more thing...if you ever have to talk to them via can just about make out their english...WHAT DOES THAT TELL YA ?

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  • Ga
    GAconsumer-ndp Nov 23, 2011

    We received an email (!) from Bank of America announcing that our mortgage had been transferred to Capital One. We contacted Capital One and asked for information on this and were promised a welcome packet. Which never arrived. Now we're getting phone calls telling us that our November payment has not been received and asking us to provide payment info on the phone. We don't even have an account number! And we're not going to hand over personal info to someone calling us. We asked for a number to call back. It does NOT match the contact number on the Capital One website, but we thought we could get them to send the welcome packet. They would not do so until we provided the personal information! And became extremely rude from the moment we reached them. We tried to call the number on the website, and they pushed us through all kinds of phone menus, finally stymied when we were asked to enter our credit card number (we don't HAVE a credit card with Capital One.) If this isn't emblematic of what's wrong with banking in America, I don't know what is.

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  • Ca
    capital 1 no good Apr 09, 2012

    Yes! I just closed my visa account today TG. Their online statements are vague and make it appear that you have nothing due. They also don't let you set up multiple payments in advance - I wonder why... lol. So glad its closed, no more crazy late fees.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Bishop May 17, 2013

    I had cancelled my card back in 2010 once it was paid off. They never cancelled and then proceeded to charge an annual fee along with monthly late charges. I have asked over and over again for transaction details being account is closed not able to pull of line and there is not one person at that company that will provide me with this. Now... they are garnishing my wages weekly in the amount of $141.00. Over $1500 in annual fees and late charges. I am not able to get anywhere with their customer service team and extremely rude every time i have contacted. Next step... Attorney Generals Office to file a consumer complaint. I have heard of them doing this to many people i know personally. Sad Sad Sad company!!!

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