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Capital Meatsdon't buy from this company!

A salesman from Capital Meats has come to my door at least half of a dozen times since I have lived in this house (almost 3 years). The first time, they caught me coming in from my car and stopped me. The men were in very baggy pants (enough that I could see their underwear) and they had gotten out of an old pick up truck with a freezer strapped to the back. I saw their car magnet that said Capital Meats and I stopped them and told them that we were vegetarians and not interested in meat. That should have been enough to get them to leave, but they followed me to my door anyway and proceeded to hard sell me this meat.

There is no way I would even buy meat from that shady looking pick-up truck- even if I did eat meat. The men proceeded to lay meat all over my porch (ew!!) and then he even tried to come in my house (even put his hand on the door and tried to open it) so he could see what kind of freezer I had. I eventually shut the door and locked it. Since that time, they have come back several times.

I no longer answer the door (although once my husband did and he says they were rude to him when he declined their product). When I don't answer the door, they stand out there knocking and ringing for a very long time! It is borderline harassment!!! They don't have any business knocking on my door anyway, because I have a large NO SOLICITING sign. I wouldn't mind if they rang once (even though I already told them we will never want their product) and left, but they RING and RING and RING! I have a sleeping baby, barking dogs, it is such a disruption!!!

I called their Baltimore office (where these salesman are from) to make a formal complaint. The lady who answered said she was the office manager. She wanted my address but I was hesitant to give it to her because I feared backlash from the shady looking 'salesman.' I asked her to at least enforce a ring-once policy but she said she couldn't do that due to hard of hearing elderly people (who they should leave alone anyway!!!). So I asked about a policy of not ringing the bell of people who had a No Soliciting sign and she said she could not enforce that either because those signs are mostly for religious people.

What??? My sign is to deter annoying, relentless salesman! I told her if they stood outside of my door ringing and ringing again, that I would call the cops. She proceeded to just talk over me, telling me she wouldn't let me speak bad about a great company (Everyone on my street hates to see that nasty truck pull up!!) that she has worked for for 6 years and she told me I must have a miserable life and hung up on me. So much for making a formal complaint. I wasn't even rude to her, as I know *she* was not the one knocking on my door, but she must have been very upset that I did not want them to come to my door and that I wouldn't give her my address.

If this is such a great company, then the least they could do is update their POS trucks with coolers strapped to the back to nicer looking freezer vans/trucks that look like they actually keep the meat cold! And they could enforce some sort of dress code to the salesman so they look less like bums and more like professionals. And lastly, don't be so rude and pushy and don't harass people! Many of my neighbors have told me that the salesman are rude if you say no. The neighbors who did buy their meat, regretted it as they were flavorless, tough, cheap cuts of meat.

Don't buy from this company!!


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    greensshack Feb 11, 2009

    If you havent tried the meat yourself you souldnt be writing this. And also yes maybe there are some sloppy looking people but thats not all of them. Some truck are nicer and some not so nice because these men are indepentent contractors. They are not given a truck to use half the time and Im sorry but not everyone can afford to go out and buy a fancy 50000 dollar truck. The meat is acually very good, the steaks are tender if you cook them right, and they are all very convient since everything is indiviualy wrapped. If your neighbors had such a problem with the meat they also give you a year warranty so they could have called the number and got a new box... and the number is good because I call to reorder all the time. So get the facts straight! anb you buy them a nicer truck if you have such a problem with it !

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  • Mo
    momma123 Mar 12, 2009

    I think a lot has to do with the sales rep that you deal with.About 1 1/2 yrs ago a man in a little white truck with a freezer on back came to my home & offered me & my husband a "good deal" on steaks, chicken, pork etc..We were a little sceptical at first, but the more he talked the more enticing his sales pitch became.And the meat that he was selling from Capital Meats Inc. did look pretty good.He offered an enormous amount of various meats for $1500.While that is a substantial amount of money-the amount of meat was enough to fill 3 freezers full, we even had to go out & purchase an extra freeezer to accomodate the meat.The salesman was clean cut, polite & even carried in all the meat & helped fill our frezzers.Within a couple weeks I noticed that some of the vaccuum sealed steak that was thawing in the fridge was leaking blood.I also opened a box of shrimp & it was definitley bad stuff, so I began inspecting some of the meat in the freezer & realized that some of the steaks were discolered and didnt look so fresh.I put in a couple calls to the company, and when no one answered I too began to think we'd been scammed.A couple months later the same meat man came to "see how we were doing".We explained the situation & he immediatley offered to replace any thing that wasnt to our liking.Unfortunatley there were a few boxes that didnt look too hot, but fortunatley he did as he said-replaced the meat we didnt want & even gave us a couple boxes of our choice at no extra charge.We have bought from the same man several times & have had no more problems.Towards the end of the 1st yr he also came to replace any meat(for free) that may have been freezer burnt or "old".Theres always gonna be "a snake in the woodpile".I guess you just have to go with your gut instinct or ask them to provide references from other customers before you purchase.

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  • Kr
    krazzieone Mar 13, 2009

    I feel the same way about them as main commenter does, baby and dog part too! It is harassment - subcontractor or not. I'm actually getting ready to sell my house because I am so sick of all of the soliciting along with a few other reasons. I work with subcontractors - a business that cares about quality and presentation would welcome any opinions to better their business and would talk to any IC's that were not meeting standards. Unfortunately for everyone, today's level of customer service and general moral and respect is in a super sized crapper. Well lucky me - my oh so sweet but total sucker hubby just bought 3 boxes of their meat from a truck (big freezer truck) that came by his work. I really just want to trip him a few times because he apparently didn't listen to me when I said no the zillion times they solicited us at home but guess I'm now stuck with this foreign meat. He claims it will be great but we'll just see.

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  • Go
    GO CAPITAL MEATS Jun 03, 2009

    For one thing I must say...THE MEAT IS GREAT!!! A few of my neighbors and I have tried it and we had no complaints!! The truck that came was a large freezer truck(not some pick up truck) You people act like you all know where your food comes from at the grocer the that you all shop at(I mean think about it???) Well anyway the men were respectable they did not coma banging or ringing bells several times nor did they keep coming back. In fact we are the ones who keep calling them back. I have bought a few different types of steak from them and they were GREAT
    so indeed you must try them before you say mean things about the company.
    We fried, baked and grilled the meats and they were great in every way. Though I am not a big red meat eater it was great to try them and I will continue to buy from them. PEOPLE IT"S GREAT MEAT!!!

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  • Jk
    JKS Jun 05, 2009

    Why don't you try the police. There is a law against harrassment. They will check to see if the men are canvasing the neighborhood for theft and could put a stop to the harrassment. If enough of the neighbors complain I'm sure the main company will be informed and they will put a stop to it.

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  • Cr
    Crapital Meats Jul 30, 2009

    I agree 100% with this person. They dress like they just fell off the buss. A guy from Crapital Meats has come to my door twice, rang the bell even though I clearly have a No Soliciting sign at the door bell button, and when I didn't answer came back and found me in my driveway and started harassing me about buying meat. He even said to me "Does 'No Soliciting' mean you don't want to know about our quality meat?" YES?!?! I actually now have a sign on my door that says "I DO NOT BUY MEAT OUT OF THE BACK OF A VAN". We'll see if that works, probably not. They don't have the intelligence to comprehend simple English.

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  • Mi
    mike1222 Jul 31, 2009

    yeah i worked for this company they get there case for 114 in try to rip people off everyday for profit so don't buy from them

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  • To
    Tomaholmes Aug 09, 2009

    We bought $800 worth of their wife and I could not bear was awful!! We gvave the whole order ot a food kitechen to get rid of it...horrificly poor quality food basically, steaks, burgers, sausage...all terrible.

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  • Ra
    Randy C Aug 20, 2009

    I am sure some of the salesmen may appear shady and some may be rude, However I had a pleasant experience with two salesmen myself who were dressed nicely and their vehicle certainly wouldnt qualify for the cash for clunkers program. The products I purchased were fresh and taste great, I have tried both the chicken and the beef. Although quite expensive, I can assure you that the meat was quality, tender and fresh. I dont blame anyone for complaining about rude behavior but certainly dont knock the product unless you have tried it. I would consider myself somewhat qualified to make a compliment about the meat considering I was a certified government food inspector. I would certainly purchase the product again, I realize there are people with legit complaints but I also realize there are people who arent happy unless they are moaning and complaining, If you dont want the meat, dont buy it. If they get rude, get rude back, works every time. But as far as the meat is concerned, if yours was like mine and you complained, then you dont know what good quality is to begin with, or maybe you just cant cook!

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  • Re
    red guy Sep 09, 2009

    Im a contractor for Capital Meats. Im very sorry that you and your neighbors have had a bad experience with those salesmen in your area. We do provide our own vehicles and freezers. We also sell the products for the company for commision based pay. I have had problems with potential customers who were very wary at first because of these ###s who are hard pressed to make a buck. They have no idea how to run an effect business. And they give us, who are actually trying to do the right thing, a bad name. I suggest you call the police next time they are in your area. Some of these guys dont even have the required sales permits for their state. No Soliciting means exactly that. Its also called Tresspassing. So please, help me out by getting these goof-balls out of our market areas. As we dont know who they are. But you, the harrassed potential customer, does. As for quality of the meat? Well me personally I like it. I have only had 3 complaints out of my 120 member customer base. And I refunded their money out of my own pocket. Of course, different strokes for different folks I guess. The main office is located in Washington D.C. Good Luck!

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  • Ov
    over1t Sep 21, 2009

    I would like to say that even if their meat is good I will never buy from this company. The same guy has been to my house 3 times in one month despite the fact that i politely told him i would never buy from him, because i've been going to the same butcher for almost 10 years. Earlier today when i drove up my driveway, coming home from work, there he was. This time he didn't get out of the van, which was actualy very nice, calling me Boss he went into his sales pitch. I imediately told him that I was not interested and wished him "Good Luck". He laughed and started telling me that he had made over $500 from my neighbor on an $800 order after just starting to tell me that he would give me a "great deal". He went on about several people in my neighborhood being customers and that he was doing better than I (thowing out figures and names). I run a company and would never talk to a potential customer this way and would fire any of my employees that did. I would also not disclose my profit margins as he did weather true or not, belittling people is not a good sales tactic. Those honest guys working for this company i feel sorry that guys like this are giving you a bad name.

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  • Me
    MelissaB1968 Oct 07, 2009

    I am amazed at the negative reports I am reading here. I have bought meat from this company for 2 years now. Everyone need to realize that these guys are people just like you who have a family to feed. This is their job, they are not doing anything wrong to hurt you. Most of the guys are nice and will work out deals with you. Don't be so quick to slam the door in their face. The meat is great and no where can you get steaks for the price they sell them for. I always try to put myself in other people shoes and see the good in everyone. Some of these guys have other professions but have gotten laid off and turn to the meat business just to have a job. Some of these guys are not stupid and bombs they are everyday people like me and you. Their job is no different then someone selling insurance or avon. If you don't want the meat fine, but stop giving the company a bad name. I have had no problems with their meat and actually I like the fact that the meat is tightly sealed and individually wrapped. I personally save more in my grocery shopping when it comes to meat. Some people may have a meat market they shop at and that is fine, but like someone said before if you never tried the meat don't talk bad about it. If you have tried the meat and your taste is not for it then don't discourage others to buy. I think it is up to everyone to make their own decision on what they like. Just because you don't like the way something taste doesn't mean someone else won't like it. Some of you say you don't buy meat off a truck, where do you think the meat you buy from the grocery store come off of? Come on people respect these guys and I'm sure you'll get a better response from them. They understand your situation but you slamming doors in their faces and fussing out the next guy that comes to your door doesn't solve anything.

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  • Qj
    Qjones Oct 14, 2009

    JUST TODAY 10/14/2009 in Fairfax VA-I went out for 1/2 an hour to buy something at the store. When I returned, I found 2 shady looking sales guys with 3 boxes of meat open on my living room floor. My confused 84 year old grandmother who has ALZHEIMERS was trying to get them to leave, but they wouldn't. I drove up and saw the shiny new van (they must be making some money) and knew this was trouble. We bought from these guys the previous year after getting the hard sales pitch and the meat was no better than anything else you could get and the steak was barely edible.

    Anyway, I walked in and told them that we bought before weren't all that thrilled and let them know we didn't want any. They started on their sales pitch. I said, "we're all set, thank you." They kept on...I finally had to say, "please leave, we aren't buying today" just to get them to get out of our house. My first inclination was to find a bat and chase them off. My grandmother was in her robe & slippers & curlers in her hair for Christ's Sake. RIDICULOUS.

    My god. Who does business this way? This is disgusting and if I find them in my driveway again, I will call the cops first and ask questions 2nd.

    My entire neighborhood is driven crazy by these people. If the meat was good and a reasonable price, maybe people would come to you and buy or maybe you could sell your meat to the grocery store.

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  • Li
    Lippy74 Oct 22, 2009

    I just finished getting these two SHADY looking salesmen from Capital Meats off my front porch. It took me about half an hour, as I am naturally a laid-back, non-aggressive type person. They insisted on laying out everything on my front steps without my permission, kept trying cut me a "deal", even though the lower prices were still quite high, and demanded that I give them a reason on why I was refusing to buy. Finally, after I told them no for the 5th time, they went for the pity approach - hanging their heads, with mouths agape. After I turned around to walk back into the house, one of the men insulted me (saying "no wonder he lives alone..."). When a stranger insults you, standing uninvited on your own property, to me that is the ultimate in disrespect. Based on the other comments I've read, this is not an isolated incident. This company specifically targets salespeople they know will be pushy, aggressive, and rude at the expense of people they can intimidate. I am glad I did not give this company a dime, and I would encourage everyone else to only support companies that make an honorable approach to sales.

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  • Cu
    customer 41501 Oct 31, 2009

    I have bought their chicken and their filet min. steaks and as the person said b4 if cooked right the meat is very good and tender the guys that i bought off of they didnt push it down our throats to buy it they ask us and told us about the deals they could offer us and then let us look and make up our own minds. So if this says anything one day my husband came home from work he had something in a bag and come to find out some guys had came around his work and he went over to them to purchase more meat thats what he had in the bag and actually they havent been back since bc i let my neighbor try the bbq and she has been watching 4 them ever since.She even had me look up the number online so she could call 4 a sales rep to come to her home.Like the comment b4 said the guys work off commission if they dont sell they dont make any money and in these hard times at least they are working instead of robbing people . So just bc u had a bad experience with them doesnt mean everyone is like that . What would you do if you had a family to feed and this was the job u had and knowing if u didnt sell anything then your not gonna get paid maybe even lose your job 4 not meeting your sales and bc you didnt make any money u cant feed your family . So think about what your saying when u havent even tried it telling other people not to when they may like it.Just bc they are one bad egg in a dozen doesnt mean they all are.

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  • Ov
    ovy Nov 04, 2009

    I agree the meat and chicken are not even fit for a dog. It looks good in the package, but is very poor quality. The chicken was the worst. I called to try to exchange the chicken after a couple of days, but the only response i received was they would give me a discount on my next purchase. The warranty is total B.S. Stay away from this company the product is garbage. i guess it was my fault though for buying meat out of a van. Warn anyone you know not to buy this crap. i know i will

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  • Lo
    lost.logic Nov 20, 2009

    I have had a sales person from this company come to my home and the next night my car window and ONLY MY CAR WINDOW was broken. I suspect the reason was that I refused to buy from this supposed 'salesman'.

    It starts out with a bumrush while trying to exit the car to get in the house. He hands me a brouchure and tells that he wanted to show me the price of the steaks. Since I have the pamphlet and all the pricing info I thought the meet was over. Was I wrong. I turn to lock the door only to see the man on his way to my home with threee boxes of product struggling to carry it. I told him that if he wanted me to look at it that I would be able to come to him he needn't come to me. "My boss will fire me if I do this out in the open!", he exclaimed. So I let him in.
    STUPID. He tells me that I have a nice place and he starts spreading product all over the floor telling me about the quality of meat and cut and so on and so on. I tell the guy I am not interested and he starts coming up with different "deals" to entice me to buy. Never calling his "boss" not even once. Not even when he offered me one box for $25.
    After refusing the "final" offer he tells me that the people that refuse him usually go back to buying junk from the market at a huge mark up. Yeah, $500 for a box of "fresh" flash frozen meat in a "vacuum" seal is a great "deal". Give me a break! Who falls for this crap!
    He tries one more time to sell me on this product by finally calling his "boss" to make the "ultimate" offer. I'm thinking, an offer better than 25 dollars for a box? I gotta see this.
    He starts having this know the one where the man speaks so loud that he lets you in on the conversation without letting you even speak on the phone to the "boss" as a courtesy to let you know that he is working for your business. He tells me not to tell anyone about the deal I was going to get and then spills the deal. $299 for one case of B.S. and that's it. Are you kidding me? A minute ago he was selling me a single box for 25 dollars. Naturally I said no and he started going on this tirade about how I would be missing out on prime quality cut meat (flash frozen, mind you), and I would be foolish to skip out on it.
    I told the guy, for the last time, no. I escorted him to the door and told him to have a nice day. The salesman said nothing back, just walked away. Two days later I wake up to someone knocking on my door telling me that my car window was smashed. I look around and notice that there are alot of other cars in the neighborhood and ONLY MY CAR WAS VIOLATED. Logically, it would make sense if it were car thieves or your typical vandal they would've tried other vehicles.
    I will be looking for this man, and he had better pray that I do not see him. I will be sure to call the police last. Count on it.

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  • Tw
    twowired Dec 05, 2009

    Yep the meat is just a cover up for thieves!! I have been dealing with this company for several years and want buy meat from anywhere else. If you know how you can get some really good deals. If you have never tried their steaks you should, just thaw them out and put them on a grill and see how tender they are. They are grrreat!!

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  • St
    Steven Curtis Dec 11, 2009

    I think u could keep your big ### mouth shut, as all that is coming out has to be lies, so yes, i am calling u a lier.I feed that food to my family.I would never feed them cheap food.And if everyone on your block didnt like the meatman, then no they wouldnt go there at all.You see them so often because there are buyers next door.Obvoiusly u have never been a salesman.If u had, u would appreciate them alot more.Basically, it sounds lik to me that you and ur closed minded, miserable little life need to find something better to do, and dont be mad at that nasty little salesman in the truck because he makes more income then u and ur husband together, lolhahahahahahaha!!!

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  • Di
    diamanst Dec 11, 2009


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  • Gr
    grumpyerr Dec 15, 2009

    Seems like most of the comments here are shils from capital. If you buy meat off a truck in your hood then I got a bridge to sell you in the desert.

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  • Bo
    bogus food Jan 22, 2010

    THE FOOD IS AWSOME!!! I EAT IT ALMOST EVERY DAY !! I have used these products for 14 ears now and they are awsome.

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  • Yo
    You guys are wrong Jan 22, 2010

    I believe these complaints are a little harsh and maybe blown out of proportion. My wife and I and two children have been eating capital meats foods for many years and have never had any problems. The company is very easy to get ahold of and is quick to get things fixed if there is a problem. If you go online and check them out you will see capital meats is an amazing company. They raised money for the special olympics last year by hosting a marathon called the tunnel run through Baltimore city it was so huge it had to shut the tunnel down or all the participants to get through. They cooked free food to get the people there. They raise money for children with autism. They donate food to homeless shelters and cook for them. They give food away to needy children that cannot feed themselves for one reason or another. They donate food to animal rescue shelters all over the region. They are sometimes on 98 rock doing the morning show with with DJs Mike and Amelia giving stuff away. They have been buying it for years. They are endorsed by Redskins and several major athletes that have reputations to uphold. They won two major national championships with their sport bike last year. The list goes on and on. This is def a reputable company with more things to back it up than most. I believe that the complaints made here are false and misleading. Check it out for yourself

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  • Sa
    SandH Feb 10, 2010

    I just ate a filet mignon from Capital Meats and it was DELICIOUS. The man did give us a hard sell, which personally, I do not like, but the meat more than made up for it. If you're a vegetarian, obviously this is not something that is going to be to your taste, and salesman should have resprected your lifestyle choice.

    For those that are not vegetarians, however, this was fabulous meat. I'm from Texas and I remember meat vendors coming door-to-door when I was a kid, so that aspect didn't freak me out.

    My husband interpreted the hard sell as an opportunity to bargin (which is, I agree annoying - I like my prices up front). The price we paid was $5.00 a pound, which is a pretty good deal.

    If you have freezer space and are willing to haggle, this is a good value. Just come with your bargining "A" game. Know the price per pound and what you pay at your grocery store. I think you will be pleased with the results.

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  • Si
    Sickfromcapitalmeat Feb 19, 2010

    My husband and I are working hard to try to get our money back for the food. We have gotten sick every time we have eaten it. I will NEVER buy from them again. Salemsan is full of excuses and lies. So far lady in the office is being very understanding but I'm still doubtful. THe food tasted really awful. And everytime we eat it we all get diareah and nausea the next day. They claim now that someone is goign to be coming out to look into it. I will not be letting them into my house that is for usre. If we have to have the conversation on the portch in the rain they wont set foot in my house!

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  • Do
    DontSingIt Feb 25, 2010

    I don't understand why so many people come to a "Complaint Forum" to promote the products offered by Capital Meats. With all the praise about how great their meat is, one is left to believe that the company [Capital Meats] has hired people to battle these complaints against their sales tactics, with overly exaggerated and out of place plaudits.

    "Hey Bro'..." Probably not the best opening statement from a salesman, but who am I to say...oh wait, I'm the guy you're going to try and off-load some product to-

    A Capital Meats truck whipped into my driveway as if my open garage door was an invitation and honestly, when they (one stayed in the truck) pulled up, I thought the guy was going to ask if I'd seen his dog run by here, that's about how formal the introduction was. Anyhow, the driver jumps out, "Hey Bro'... " he says, and then proceeds to ramble on with an obviously well rehearsed product description of blah, blah "...and some steaks..." and then blah "...great seafood..." I stopped him mid blah, and said "No Thanks" and without missing a beat, my dog (who wasn't completely visible due to my car being in the way) let out a few deep barks, which seemed to keep the salesman about 2 feet from his open truck door and hesitant to further pursue a sale. From the horror stories above, I'd say I got off pretty easy.

    The only thing that was incredibly odd about the whole thing was that before the salesman left, he asked me if I'd ever seen them [Capital Meats I'm assuming] in this area before and I said, "No-" and off they went. I'm guessing its because these are the only guys that missed the No Solicitors sign on the way into our development. I understand the guys are just trying to make a living like the rest of us, but some common respect is due-

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  • Ne
    Nevergain Mar 09, 2010

    Just look at the weights and do the math... would you pay $12-20 per pound for beef, chicken, or seafood at your local grocer? I didn't think so. Buyer Beware!!! If you bought it, you're a sucker, PERIOD.

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  • Gi
    ginevra46 Mar 14, 2010

    did not invite these people in, but they made themselves at home.would't take "no" or "we can't afford it" for an answer.bought $50 worth just to get them to leave.they left empty cigarrette packs and butts all over the driveway.granted, the meat was good, but not when it's shoved down your throat and you have to clean up after them.

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  • Je
    JeduCex Apr 10, 2010

    Have a friend that goes to WVU- bought some stuff from Capital Meats- At 5am the next morning, he recieved a phone call and a 4 minute voicemail-

    The Capital Meat rep had pocket dialed my friend and unknowingly recorded himself RAPING a girl!

    Was the most unreal voicemail ever heard.

    Not sure what the result was. Friend took it to the police, called the company and talked to the mans boss as well.

    Not sure about their quality of food, but am guessing that this wasnt the first rape committed.

    Be careful who you let in your home! This woman could have been a customer- and what a way for a rapist to scope out people!!

    Morgantown/Fairmont West Virginia- Watch out!

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  • No
    NoMeatsinBaltimore Apr 20, 2010

    I have asked the same salesmen 3 times not to bother me. I have no intention of buying meat from the back of a truck. The last time he came to my house, after I told him to leave, he left, trampling through my flowerbed, muttering profanities. I contacted the local Baltimore, MD Capital Meats office as well as the headquarters in Winchester VA (3908 Valley Pike, Winchester, VA‎ - [protected]‎) to no avail.

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  • Vs
    vsgirl Apr 29, 2010

    Ok I just had an experience with a solicitor from this "company". 2 guys parked in my driveway, one of which came to my door. It was all a bit fishy to me. First off, it was a crappy truck with a magnet. I don't know who in their right mind would buy meat out of the back of a crappy truck, 65% percent off or not. When I said I was vegetarian, he asked why I don't eat chicken or seafood. I explained I am an animal lover (one of my dogs was in my arms) and that I am a strict vegetarian, I don't believe in harming animals. He then tried to convince me to buy meat as a gift for a friend. Ok who buys meat as a gift? Secondly, if I don't beleve in animal cruelty myself, why would I stlll buy meat for someone else? Duh. What I found even more strange was that they never stopped at any of the other houses on my street. Just mine and I am an attractive female who was home alone. Sounds like a scam to me. EWWW...Do people actually buy meat this way? What ever happended to grocery stores people?

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  • An
    angeandre4 Jun 03, 2010

    First of all unless you have a really huge family or own a restaurant why in the world would you buy hundreds of dollars worth of meat? I have seen the little red truck riding around and asking people if they want meat and had a lady on the bus stop complain about how bad their food is and the harassment that follows. Lately I have been seeing a decked out van with the company's name, email, and logo. Glad I found this site---this many people cannot be wrong, and as for the glowing praises that are here, sounds more like its coming from the workers or families of the workers. LOL

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  • Wa
    WAPFMom Jun 10, 2010
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    This company and the guys that sell their stuff are horrible! My husband bought a bunch of meat from them, and I showed him all the chemical crap added to the Porterhouses and the fish and we decided not to keep it. We followed the procedures for recinding our order, sending a cerified letter out the next day, which the post office tried to deliver the next business day and they finally did get the 3rd business day. My husband talked with a lady in the office one time, but then no one came to get the meat. We have called over a dozen times, both the office in Steven City, VA and the delivery guy's number, and no one returns our calls after leaving messages. We are going to dispute the charge and then give the food to a food bank if we don't hear from them in just a couple days more, as suggested by the VA Dept. of Ag and Consumer Services. Then I'm sending in a notorized complaint to VDACS about them. They need to be shut down.

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  • Ab
    Abby Ramey Jun 15, 2010

    This is all too funny to me.. My husband is a "Meat-Man" and has been doing it for almost 4 years. I work with him a couple days a week so I know everything that goes on at the shop and with the meat.. At least at his company here in PA.. I KNOW the food is awesome! I've tried everything on his brosure and everything I've tried was waayyy better than any kind of steak i've tried that came from a grocery store. If it was tough, and had no flavor you cooked it wrong. They come in a vaccuum seal that the USDA guarentees for 2 years.. And yes like one otherr person said the companys themselves have a 12 month guarentee that if you are not satisfied with the food they will come back and exchange whatever you didnt like for something you did like... And about them coming to your door with saggin pants.. That is not right and they should deff. be dressed well enough to knock on someones door. But this IS 2010 and young men wear their pants so their boxers show, I know because I yell at my husband everytime he goes to knock on a door because i can see his boxers n im sure they dont want to see that.. But still with his boxers showing, he sells the food. It isnt about the person selling the food. It's about the food. And it is def. a deal.. As for the trucks.. You dont even know the half of it. My husband and I were just driving around selling food out of the back of a big old F150 with a bunch of rust on it. And still sold out.. Yesterday we went out in a HUGE OLD ASTRO VAN AND SOLD OUT! Why should it matter what the vehicle looks like.. Most shop have AT LEAST 10-20 people working for themm.. Which means the boss man has to have at least 10 trucks for them all to ride out in.. That costs money, insurance, fixing the vehicle, paying for the food, and his own bills, i'm sure he dont have that kind of money to just blow on expensive trucks that arent for anything besides putting miles on it. If your getting vehicles for 2 or 3 hundred dollars no matter what they look like and your salesmen are selling food out of them, why buy something more expensive.. I'm sorry everybody out there dont have money like that, thats why meatmen dont like stopping at richie houses.. Cause they're all stuck up and dont like to help people even if it meens them saving money in the long run. Theres 487 cuts of beef in the steak case, thats 10$ for each steak at the price of $489 on the brosure.. But if you got the deal my hubby does you'd buy the steak case for $489 and get a chicken and a pork case for free. If that isnt a good deal i dont know what is.. I meen its quite the chunck up front but if you think about it, your gonna spend it anywway over the months so why not get resturant quality delivered right to your house plus extra for free. And lmao to the comment from Steven Curtis I just read the last of what he said and he is right, my husband make on average $200 per day everyday except sunday. [censor] sometimes he'll make $500-$1000 in one day. And gets a company truck everynight.. So there is benifits of being a "Meat-Man".. Thats why they push you so hard to buy it, cause they know once they got you, you'll be calling for more..Lol.. Good luck to all and if a guy from Silverado Foods comes to your house BUY HIS MEAT! LOL!

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  • Ab
    Abby Ramey Jun 15, 2010

    Oh and by the way.. Here at Silverado Foods they have a ALL NATURAL pack that is not pumped with anything its cut and vaccuumed sealed. With NOTHING in them.. even says right on the box.. I'm sorry to all those people that got ripped off from bad companies.. But not all companies are like that so please stop making a bad name for all the companies that ARE selling good food. Thanks.

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  • Da
    Darren2 Jul 27, 2010

    My name is darren. This is horse meat we sell. I suck didck for coke.

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  • Pr
    preacher40769 Jul 28, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I personally have bought several times from this company and find their meats to be high quality. Their salesmen are trained to make a hard sell but they are not rude and disrespectful. The meats are sold at a really good price and their quality is guaranteed for 12 months, against freezer burn or bad taste. While I don't approve of the hard sell I bargain with them to get a better price so its a fair tradeoff . I am the one who is in control and if at anytime the situation should become something I don't like I would ask them to leave. Bottom line is they are just salesmen and choose whether or not to make the purchase.

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  • No
    nobodyishome Aug 04, 2010

    Glad I was home this afternoon, and answered the door rather than my wife. Kid didn't seem to like the vibes that I gave him (shirtless and greasy from working on the bikes in the garage) so he left without any hesitation. Guess we were lucky.

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  • Ge
    Genlee01 Aug 23, 2010
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    Verified customer

    There is always two sides of a story, as for me I used to work for the company and had them come to my door a lot of times too before and after I worked for them. I understand where she is coming from but I know where the company is coming from too. As for the lady talking about the company, there are rude sales people out there. I went through 5 partners because of their attitude and how they treated our potential customers. As for me, I dressed in nice black jeans, wore the company shirt that they provided, nice haircut, shaved, and work shoes. I kept a good attitude with all my customers no matter what the answer was. I thanked them for their time and went on my way. As for the company side, every company has some bad apples in them some more than others out there. The company that I was working for had new company trucks with their logo all over the truck with new freezers in them every week. I know not all companies out there are set up like this. Some companies out there got broken down cars and the sales people not dressed properly and I can't speak for them. As for the meat, my family and I have enjoyed it all but each person varies out there if they have liked it or not. When it comes to the prices, just watch out with the prices because certain sales people will take you for a cleaning. I myself made 1200 dollars off of one family when I first started work for them. After that I sold them where I was making a little commission on each case. (20 to 30 dollars a case). I sold about five to 10 cases a day monday thru friday( on average). Each case that I sold was on an average 140 dollars a case which in return I had to pay the company 115 dollars a case for each case that I sold.

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  • St
    stillers2004 Oct 07, 2010

    I agree that the company is not a good company. sales people are rude pushy won't take no for an answer. I love a good filet. it is the best cut of meat in my opinion. the filets the guy showed me looked horribly very fatty cuts of meat I know a good filet when i see one and that wasn't it. he stood in my living room arguing with me even after i said i am not buying from u I don't care what u say. got on capital meats website on the message board every review is a glowing endorsement. I tried to write a negative review and it never got posted sound fishy to me

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