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To whom it may concern.

We had an issue with Russ Dean RV.
Before C. W took over.
We have been to C. W Pasco three times before today.
So today Oct 01, 2019 we walked in the service dept. And literally were blown away at the treatment we recieved..
Janson Service manager proceeded to yell at us, in front of the whole service team, and all the customers in the service dept..
About a situation that happened at Russ Dean 2018
Concerning a bill that was not paid and supposedly written off.
Due to failing to fix the problem..
Jason told us all work from now on has to to paid upfront before any work can be done. (We were in C. W 3 time prior with no issues with payments)
He said he hated to black ball us from C. W but he would if he needed to.
Jason said we should have been sued.
When I asked why am I just hearing of this matter, we've been here three times prior. That's when Jeff (service person that used to work for Russ Dean.) said "I told him"
I asked why, you told us you would write off the balance owed.
Jason said "he doesn't have that authority"
Then why was I not contacted earlier, all our info was in the computer.
Jason said C. W had to pay our bill to Russ Dean out of there own pocket, again mentioning being sued..
We were totally shocked, degraded, and humiliated. At the treatment we recieved today from Camping World..
We have been customers of C. W for years, we have purchased ins. and other products, repair work, on countless occasions from C. W, we have never had a problem with C. W until today.
We are totally appalled at the whole situation.
Than to top it off we were charged $22.00 to look up at part number.
This is not acceptable behavior for anyone to have to go through..
The last pic (yellow paper) was what we had to pay for the repair that Russ Dean was supposed to have done.
Thank you for your time.
Melvin & Carol Patnode

Camping World
Camping World
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  • Updated by Melvin & Carol Patnode, Oct 01, 2019

    Just remembered.
    Last appt. With C.W we asked service person Jared to check the seals on our fridge, because the fins in the fridge kept freezing up.
    Jared came in and said everything was fine, after going home and defrosting the fridge (not the freezer) anyway it continues to freeze up, so we called Jared back at C.W pasco to look at it again he said nothing was wrong, so Melvin called him a liar, both sides of the fridge seals are cracked..
    So today when we were at C.W. Jared was also mad at us but didnt day anything to us..


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