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My husband took our camper to Camping World for the repairs in September 2007. He left instructions to complete the repairs from tree limb damage along with adjusting the super slide and floor in front of the door if these were covered under the warranty. We were told that Camping World did not do the warranty work on one occasion and that they did do the warranty work on two other occasions for R-Vision.

We had not gotten any updates on the status of the repairs for a couple of weeks. My husband contacted Camping World and they claimed that they had "dropped the ball" and had forgotten about our repairs.

A work order was finally written up by camping world on October 16, 2007 in the amount of $2, 990.33. To the best of our knowledge this amount was to cover all of the repairs on the camper.

On January 18, 2008 a supplemental estimate was submitted for $2, 899.78. Camping World stated that they did not realize there was damage to the inside paneling of the camper until they removed the wall. (They were advised of the damage on the inside along with the exterior damage at the time of initial estimate)

On January 26, 2008, we were able to pick up our camper as all of the repairs were complete. When we parked the camper and opened the slide outs we noticed that the back wall no longer rested on top of the floor, the wardrobe was reattached to the wall with some screws missing, the inside panel of the wardrobe was broken and not attached securely, the access panel to the tub was not installed as it was before, the seam tape on the wall panels was crumpled and torn, and there were three tears in the linoleum in front of the slide out. Upon looking at the floor I found a screw that was left on the floor under the slide out where the tears were.

Immediately, we called Camping World and complained about the damage. A shop supervisor by the name of Don came to our house and looked at the camper. He admitted that there was damage and assured us that Camping World would fix it. Upon looking at the outside of the camper I found a loose nut on the mechanisms that support the slide out. It also appeared that the slide out mechanism had been moved as there were paint lines now visible on the mechanism. We then noticed that the slide out was closer to the front of the camper. Don stated that to the best of his knowledge, that Camping World did have the warranty contract for R-Vision. He spoke to Lee who supervised the repairs on our camper and advised him that we were not satisfied with the repairs.

On January 28, 2008 Lee called my husband and assured him that the damages and repairs would be corrected. On January 29, 2008 he sent a driver to pick up the camper and take it back to Camping World.

In order to repair the camper, they removed the entire back wall and put it back on.

My husband then called the manufacturer of our camper to find out what the procedure was for repairing the back wall. R-Vision informed him that to repair that type of damage you don't have to remove the entire back wall, you can, but it is not necessary.

My husband went to Camping World to check the progress of the repairs during the week. They spoke with him about putting carpet down over the linoleum to cover the tears. To repair the linoleum, they would have to cut and patch the linoleum. We agreed to the installation of the carpet. The carpet was ordered.

We then went to camping world on Saturday February 2, 2008, to check the progress of the work. Lee told us he was waiting on the carpet to come in to make the repairs.

The following Saturday February 9, 2008, we went back to camping world to check the progress of the repairs and nothing had been done. We then spoke to Don and advised him that we did not want Lee or his shop worker that performed the repairs to touch our camper any more.

In reviewing the insurance estimates, we notice discrepancies in the estimates compared to the work that was done. Lee called our house on February 12, 2008, and left a message for my husband to call him. My husband returned the phone call but kept getting put on extended hold. He went to Camping World on February 13, 2008 and was greeted by Lee and his shop worker. They tried to tell my husband that the camper was like that when it was brought in to their shop and that the wall was made that way. My husband then spoke with the manager( I think his name was Cliff). Cliff then assured my husband that he would oversee the repairs/corrections and the camper would be fixed. He also stated that he would review the bill.

I went to Camping World on Saturday February 16, 2008 to check on the progress of the repairs. A shop worker named Rick had been assigned to my camper for the repairs/corrections. When I approached the camper no one was around and the bottom panel on the back of the camper was removed. It did not appear that any repairs had been made. I spoke with Lee who informed me that Cliff and Chris were reviewing the bill for the repairs but neither of them were there. I was there for approximately 1.5 hours and approached my camper twice and never saw anyone working on it.

On February 21, 2008, my husband stopped by camping World to check on the camper. Upon his arrival he was told that the repairs were completed, and that they owed us a refund in the amount of $522.00 for repairs that were not done. They then told my husband that they did not touch the slide out and that was how our camper was brought to them. They also stated that they called R-Vision and the person that they talked to stated that the wall sits like they have it and not on the floor. (however none of the other walls in the camper are like that) My husband told them he would have to pick the camper up Saturday as we use my truck to tow it. He then left Camping World.

When he arrived at home he decided to go the same day and get the camper. He called Camping World and told them we were coming in two hours to pick the camper up. When we went to pick the camper up, everyone was supposedly in a two hour telephone conference and would not come out to speak with us. They told Denise (service writer) that they were not refunding the money for repairs that were not done. Upon preparing to tow the camper home. I found another loose nut on the slide out (that they didn't do anything to) that I had to tighten before pulling the camper home. Denise did witness me finding and tightening the loose nut.This is the second nut that was found loose on the slide out.

When we parked the camper, we opened it and noticed that the carpet was on the floor but it does not appear that they did anything to put the wall back in its proper place, they secured the broken panel back into the wardrobe, installed all of the screws for the wardrobe to secure it to the wall, they cut the access panel for the tub to fit the hole but it is still installed improperly. The front slide out now sits against the wall on one side and made and awful noise when I tried to open it. I only got it open 1/3 of the way and had to close it. I didn't want to break it. I also noticed that on the left side upper corner someone had scrubbed the panel hard enough that they removed some of the paint. There was a rusty line there where water drains off of the roof. There was also new caulking along the top of the camper. The top panel is also dented on the rear upper corner from when the limb went into the camper.

The slide out worked before we took it to camping world. My camper is a 2008 and we had owned it for only 4 months.

I got my camper back with more damage than what they were to repair.

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Jul 13, 2009 9:54 am

I recently complained about the service and loan departments at Camping Wold, N. Charleston, SC. Although everything I said about their service (and more holds true), I double checked my sales agreement and it seems the $5000 added to our bottom line was a misunderstanding. I became a bit confused with all the financial manipulation that happens when purchasing vehicles. It seems the extra amount charged was for warranties. Whew! We didn't realize we were paying over $5000 for them. I must apologize to Chris, the Finance Manager for my incorrectness.
As for the service, we still don't have our motor home back after five weeks. The part they were waiting for came in, but was the wrong size. Guess we're just making the next couple of months payments for it to sit in their garage.
Still not happy.

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Aug 23, 2010 9:54 am

I was told by camping world hat i have cracked calipers on the front wheels with approx. 45, 000 miles. It is a 2006 fleetwood flair class A.

It sounds as if it was caused by the work horse safety recall #50901-C but camping world says it is not.And wants to charge $2, 400.00 to replace them.To me it seems like a defect or something.

I don't want to change to a diffrent brand of coach but if i can't get some sort of satisfaction i'll be doing just that.

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Oct 14, 2009 9:54 am

We also are using camping world for the last time. The first time we went to the new Camping World in Colorado Springs they installed our batteries in backwards. That caused lots of problems. Of course they didn't do it. My husband is 73 and not in good health he sure didn't install the batteries.
This time it has been at
Camping World in Colorado Springs for 5 weeks. When we took it in they said it would be a day or 2. We had several things to be done. We told them we were trying to get ready to leave for the winter could we pick up the motorhome and bring it back when the parts came in.
They said that everything was done except for the jacks, if we wanted to take it we would have to pay our bill in full. We went in and nothing has been done. When asked why nothing was fixed they said they won't put it in a bay until all the parts are there.
I have no idea when we will be able to go on our trip. We paid in advance for the RV Park with no refunds. Camping world has had our RV for 5 weeks and done nothing.
What ever you do DON'T USE CAMPING WORLD.

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