Malouf Cadillacremaining lease payments of returned gmc terrain vehicle.

Ab Oct 03, 2019

My lease was expiring on GMC Terrain.I went to a Molouf caddilac dealer in North Brunswick nj.we agree to lease caddilac manager Joseph Mitolo and sales associate Kevin Bamrick told me that they will make remaining 4 payments and any return vehicle fee for me.
In 09/19 I received the billfold $1100 from Gm financial for remaking 4 payments for GMC Terrain.I call the dealer and talk with finance person.He told me that after checking file he will call me back.He never call me back.than I called sales associates and left massage with him.He also never call me back.I went to dealership and talk with sales associate Kevin Bamrick and General Manager Joseph Mitolo.about making remaking remaining payments.Both Gentleman flatly denied that made any commitment to make remaining payments.It make no sense to return the vehicle and make 4 remaining payments.In such I would kept the vehicle for another few more months or wait till my lease ends and then look for replacement vehicle.Why would I make Two say nothing in files to make remaining payments.
When I leased caddilac I ask both persons to make remaining payments.Both agreed. but now they say that never made any promise and refusing to make $1100 payment to GM financial .
Please loon into that.I am 70 years old living on social security income.

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