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Reviews and Complaints

Tim Hortonsbeyond meat burger lack of quality.

Hello, I don't usually give bad feedback, but today, I felt was necessary. At around 3:30 pm, I went through the Tim Hortons drive through, ordered a Beyond Meat Burger with bbq sauce, and no cheese. I am vegan and I usually really love the beyond burgers. The one I received today, other than the actual patty being acceptable, the rest was complete rubbish. The bread was COLD, really cold to the touch. I don't know if Tim Hortons recommends selling it cold as such, but I've had many more Beyond Burgers from A&W before and simply wanted to try it from Tim Hortons to support you guys, but after today, I will continue to go to A&W as they also offer onions and pickles, have warm bread and the burger actually tastes good as a whole. The service was quick enough but I prefer waiting to have good food than having speedy service with food I would almost not eat. The bread also tasted stale... all in all, my experience was 2 out of 10. Thankfully I'm already vegan, but for those trying to make the transition, eating something like I did would very easily motivate them to keep eating the same old beef burger...