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2650 Simcoe St N, Oshawa, ON, L1L 0R1, CA
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FreshCo - Customer service & security

On June 23rd two friends and I went to freshco. I'm a man, the other two are girls. We all dressed nice and respectable, I had on North Face, Fjallraven and smart wool, the girls had their nice things like Burberry and whatever else fancy things they wear, my point in saying that is we dressed extremely respectable and nice because we're going out after groceries. I even had my Canada Post work hat on.

Now to the issue at hand:

We did our groceries, we spent hundreds of dollars between the three of us at the store. We go fruits, nuts, frozen meats and more. We cashed out as usual, we brought our own reusable bags. After cashing out we walked towards the exit and one of the employees sprinted past us to the security guard and he pointed us out. Strange but okay.

The security guard stopped us and asked for our receipts, no worries at all, this is a regular thing and has been happening at Walmart for several decades. We hand our receipts to the guard and we expect him to be quick about it because we have plans to catch.

The security guard was extremely dumb to put it lightly. He could not read English, he had no idea what the names of the fruits were and he did not have the brain capacity to simply look through the receipt and match the items in front of his eyes.

"What's that?" he asks pointing to the box of raspberries labeled raspberries... Can this guy not read English? We said raspberries and then he asks if we paid for it. My guy, you are holding the receipt, how about you stop ogling girl's butts and focus on checking our receipt which very clearly says we bought 2 boxes of raspberries? Even if you can't read English you should be able to match the shapes of the letters on the box label to the shape of the letters on the receipt. But this guy did not have the brain capacity to do so. We were investigated rudely for 15 minutes making us late for our night out. We were left feeling belittled. Horrible experience.

Desired outcome: Fire the security guard and hire someone who knows how to read. Train your employees to not be so rude.

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3:44 pm EST
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FreshCo - Compliments garden salad

I bought your compliments garden salad like I do weekly. Sat down to dinner and my husband bit into a hard piece of plastic. It hurt his mouth and made his tongue bleed.
I am not one to complain but I do think that something needed to be said about this. I am usually very happy with freshco products and was very surprised by this incident.

Thank you for looking into this issue.

Desired outcome: Some form of compensation

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