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WinZip / program

Elizabeth B Foust on Nov 25, 2017

On October 26 I paid $14.95 for an upgrade to WinZip, and then I paid $37.90 for the program WinZip 22. But when I went to register it, I was told I had a wrong registration number. I contacted WinZip and they gave me another number which was erroneous. I contacted WinZip three times with the...

Udemy / all my purchased online courses

will2016 on Nov 25, 2017

Hello i have purchased several online courses with your good self and have been able to access them all, But now it seems that I am unable to access any of them at all from my PC or Laptop. I need to know if the problem is your end or mine has I really need to continue my studies with all...

George Jones / new kiosk system @ haddon heights, nj office

George Wilson Jones on Nov 22, 2017

Wednesday 11/22/2017 - 138PM There have been alot of complaints about your new kiosk system, Everytime a customer comes to have a blood test they must make all the same entries EVERY TIME!I find it onerous and time consuming. Sometimes it does not take. With a screen says are you there??...

American Girl / Email

Anna Kav. on Nov 24, 2017

I sent an email to American Girl with some ideas about a doll with interest in STEM. I never recieved a reply, and recently heard the girl of the year 2018 was interested in STEM. I wish you had replied or sent some email if you had seen the message. I would like to know if my email...

Yahoo! / login email

Melvin Likehart on Nov 21, 2017

Yahoo!You did not change my recover email from to The new high speed i have is help so i can check my email please and haveing to make this infomation three hundred words long is bull [censor] all you need to do is fix the problem that Yahoo made and get my...

Dell / customer service

Cong Wang on Nov 15, 2017

DellDell customer servers just chatted with each other and discussed to ignore me, the customer, when one of the customer server is serving me. He sent what was going to talk with his colleagues to me by mistake, so I found out. He tried to explain to me that is supposed to send to another...

Petco / I am complaining due to my health and my daughter we are always seen sean smoking marijuana

Andyb412 on Nov 15, 2017

Every day we go shopping at petco for all of our animals I don't have nothing against people smoking marijuana but Sean is always smoking in front of the store and always smells really bad when we try ask for assistance poor guy don't even no where he at sometimes that's how stone out of...

Yahoo! / I cant access to my yahoo mail account

taradel on Nov 13, 2017

Dear Yahoo team! Used my yahoo mail under name as my first email account for long time but suddenly from 2 days ago i faced big problem there is no account name under this email without any authorization and it said there is no email existed, so please urgently respond to...

Dell / dell software updates

Marc Marcuzzi on Nov 12, 2017

Your software writers need to test your updates a lot better. A few months ago I ran an update that corrupted the bios in my 3052 so that it would not boot up. I tried cnrt, alt, del, I repeatedly turned the computer on and off, & I unplugged and plugged it in. All I got was an steady...

Dell / desktop pc

tj00005 on Nov 9, 2017

My Dell Inspiron 3650 does not display the monitor after sleep mode. The only way to get around the problem is to reboot. After a few reboots, all data files and settings disappeared. From then on, every time I rebooted any data I had saved would be lost. Also, all settings would be...

Great Clips / hair cut

Maryann s on Nov 7, 2017

Stafford great clips has brought there kids to work and you hear telling in the break room. I had the slowest hair dresser it took me a hour before my hair was done. You hear them talking about there previous clients and how they didn't want to do there hair. it's not a very pleasant...

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse / desktop windows 10

Jenniferlou30 on Nov 7, 2017

I bought a desktop for $240 which I thought was a deal but was not. I was happy when I opened the box then disappointed after set up. It constantly kicked me out, turned off for no reason, but I figured I could deal with it. Then, my operating system seems to be deleted???? So I went for...

Omegle / looking for someone you can chat with problem

tek111 on Nov 5, 2017

Since 3 days when I want to talk i see only, , Looking for someone you can chat with''. My internet is working well. Other sites like chatroulette is working. I tried on different internet source and still nothing. In my opinion this is problem with your servers because i can see that...

PC Support Office / desk computer

unodeb1953 on Oct 27, 2017

10-24-17 I was contacted and said My Norton email was infected and needed my computer cleaned.I paid $249.99 and contacted Norton and was told I was spammed because my Norton and computer were fine plus they never called me. I turned this in to Norton and my bank with all the info. The...

WarranTech Corporation / plan #[protected] - warranty issue

Flora Williams on Oct 26, 2017

I've provided the receipt... If they didn't indicate that that was the reason for the discount, then I'M SORRY!!! Why are you all making this harder than it has to be for me as a customer!? Why does all that matter?? You see MY date of purchase!! You see the manufacturer's warranty EXPIRED...

HP Customer Support / customer support

Thunderchief on Oct 24, 2017

I called the customer support to get an answer to a question about one of their computers before I bought one. The guy was completely ticked off and mad when he came on the phone to talk to me and showed me a whole new level of being rude. I was afraid to even ask anything. I went later to...

Riya / sadda haq timing earlier it was on 2pm to 2:30 pm but now a new show is coming on tha time instead of sadda haq which is not fare

riya mishra on Oct 23, 2017

Sir or mam I just want to say that why u people have change the time of repeat telecast of sadda haq which was on 2pm to 2:30 pm now a new show bhakto ki bhati me shakti is coming that is not fare I is an unfare judgement why u people have change its time we r having the timing issue pl...

Asus / asus roc g20cb

Done WithASUS on Oct 20, 2017

I will never buy an asus product again! Not only are their products poor quality but their repair department is incompetent. the customer service department is outsourced to the caribbean which makes them ineffective. I purchased the asus roc g20cb gaming desktop in april of 2017 from best...

Yahoo! / yahoo is [censor] malware!

Petr Erhart on Oct 18, 2017

[censor] you! Yahoo is malware and I can't remove it from chrome! I want google searching back! How do I remove it? I watched some videos, but settings just doesn't work. Yahoo is [censor]. Google is 1000 times better, so give me back my great and awesome google. I don't... / bad customer services and company wants to rip off people with no care at all

Mani2007 on Oct 15, 2017

I bout the product MSI Agies at the beginning of October everything was running smoothly. the computer crashed and would not display MSI screen and would not boot windows. contacted Neweeg about returning the product and getting a replacement or my money back. however because I don't have...