Anthony Fieldsis a thief

B Nov 14, 2019

Sellers should avoid this crook at all costs. Will purchase items online and then call his credit card company to dispute them to try to steal them from you. Fields is the biggest scam artist liar imaginable. Will get a collections letter to get brought to court and then he will vanish from the 600 Sq foot closet he lives in. Fields in nothing but a lying crook that will make up any lying excuse possible to get his credit card company to believe his lies. Will lie make up shipment frames saying the item was supposed to arrive 5 days after the purchase when he comes in and signs a legal document which proves he's a lying bs artist. Everything he will sign he will say the exact opposite to his credit card company just to steal anything he can get his hands on. If your a seller nad you come across this thief get rid of him immediately. He will use the following information : email address : [email protected] Phone Number : 347-283-8033

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