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Zip Web Complaints & Reviews

Zip Web - California / scam


Zip Web or Web Zip is a total scam and they do not offer a legitimate service. There sole purpose is to scam people out of $50 a month. If this has happened to you, you will not be getting this money back and you local telephone company (Frontier Communications) will be of no assistance. I think it is fair to say that Frontier communications is probably involved in the scam. Unfortunately I have no choice but to deal with Frontier as they are the only local telephone service available in my area. Zipwebs practices have been well documented with the proper authorities but there scam...

Zip Web / Unauthorized charges


Company offered fraudulent free ZipWeb-Pay-Per-Click free for 1 month. Before the month was up, evident Nothing was happening, I called their 800 number 800... and was assured service was discontinued and there was no charge. Through my phone company, Verizon, I've been billed a total of $644.19 for nothing! Verizon claims the law requires that they accept this type of 3rd party billing with no obligation to insure the credibility of the company or the services. After 10 phone calls and getting the run around from eBusinesssvc Isp Mofee (866-60...), Pay One Billing (888-934-7750) and Zip Web...