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xHamster Complaints & Reviews

xHamster / viruses and trojans

Jul 10, 2018

Beware xhamster does not monitor its site. My boyfriend and I went on it together. A few days later, I got an anonymous email stating that my computer had been hacked, and he had a video showing our faces as well as what we saw — and suffice it to say that this was not an empty threat ir a scam. He demanded $6, 000 in bitcoin. The police said that there wasn't much they could do. We didn't send money and gave been waiting to see if anything happens. I contacted xhamster — they don't care and refuse to do anything. Are they in on it??? Avoid this site like the plague

xHamster / legally without my consent

Mar 17, 2018

Somebody who I thought was a friend has stuck up on xHamster videos of me without my consent it is illegal I have contacted the police and they tell me that I need a court order to have them taken down I have asked them to be taken down but nothing has been done it happened over four months ago the content of these videos not from my consent it was legal the bloke that put them up there his name is Steven Dunslow I don't even know him and I think it is out of order if they are not taken down I shall go to a Small Claims Court I have spoken to the police

xHamster - Tennessee, Johnson City / underage porn

May 27, 2017

Underage porn!!! This site has underage porn of me when I was 15. A guy blackmailed me and posted it on the site. There was even comments that I looked [censor]ing 14 cause I damn near was. They are nasty [censor]s that can't censor their own cite from illegial activity. This was yet another reminder of me being raped and sexually exploited since 12. It's hideous.

xHamster / use of photo without my consent

Jun 05, 2015

The company has a picture of me on their web site for bbw with out my consent I want it removed but I'm having trouble getting in touch with them to have it removed I find it very degrading to have a friend come up to me and tell me that my picture is being used on a porn web site with out my nolage or consent

xHamster / unethical practices

Jul 12, 2013

Xhamster chose to suspend my profile, for whatever reasons is unclear, however they kept my pictures, and videos active in their site, until I had to protest and threaten them with legal action, unless they removed my material. It seems to me that if they are going to suspend a members account that the same time or before suspending a members account that they should remove all of that members material. They should not have to be told "after the fact" to stop using that members material. This happened once before 3 years ago when I closed my own profile only to find out 6 months later that xhamster was still broadcasting my video's.