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Jan 30, 2017

I ordered the LED headlight kit for my Dodge Dart, and had to also get the warning/cancellor capacitor also..well, the warning capacitor didn't work no matter how many different ways I plugged it in..and with their return policy i would be losing money by sending it back since I would have to pay for the shipping myself and not get reimbursed for it. My second order from them was the Plasma blinker bulbs...well, yet again, another fail. Whoever put them together bent the prongs the wrong way so had to bend them back the proper way for them to work. 2 orders and 2 fails So from my only 2 experiences from them, I will Definitely Not be recommending them to other people and Will Not be ordering from them again. / I couldn't contact the customer services. I need to replace wrong parts

Dec 26, 2015

I purchased three parts from I got completely wrong parts and instruction. I emailed the online chat agent, who said that he couldn’t help me and I needed to call to the customer support. He gave the phone numbers, but when I called only machine voices replied and explained that all agents were unavailable. I couldn’t solve this problem without their help. Maybe someone can help me to reach these people. / The kit didn't work and the seller hasn't sent me the package

Nov 21, 2015

I have purchased a kit for my bike from I indicated all details such model, year and everything was right. However, when the kit arrived, I noticed that the bulb was too big and therefore it didn’t work. I tried to install this kit on three different bikes and it didn’t work. I called to the customer services, but the seller didn’t respond. When they finally replied, the seller said to wait for the package from them. I waited 3 weeks and got nothing.