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Sep 03, 2015

We bought tickets for the game Monaco vs Valencia through the company But this company is big scam and rip off. Their prices are too high and the company doesn’t provide tickets on time or doesn’t send them at all. We didn’t get the tickets on time and of course applied for the refund. But the company didn’t reply to our emails and we still didn’t get why the avoided us. / They failed to deliver the tickets

Sep 03, 2015

I booked two tickets for the game Barcelona vs Malaga through the company I was upset, because the seller assured me that I would get these tickets before 29/8/15, but I haven’t and missed the game. Now the seller excused and promised to provide another tickets and compensation. But it was his last email and I haven’t heard from this liar anymore. Run from this company. / We didn't get tickets. Seller lied to us.

Jul 25, 2015

My father bought tickets for us from He got the confirmation email, where was written that the tickets would be sent to his email on July, 20th. We waited till this day, but the seller hasn’t sent these tickets. My father tried to contact the seller, but his mail box was full and we got emails back. We lost about $800 and it was disaster. Don’t trust this company and be ready that they can scam you. / The seller provided wrong seats

Jun 01, 2015

My farther bought 3 tickets for the game from the company Not recommended place I would say. The seller is idiot and scammer. He charged my farther really fast, but he provided wrong tickets. We have chosen different seats, but this guy sent us tickets for the different places. We were upset, because the seats weren’t good at all. But the seller ignored our complaints. Be aware, please. / They still haven't sent the tickets

May 14, 2015

We were scammed by the company We ordered 4 tickets from them, but these jerks provided only confirmation info. The match will take place on May, 15, but we still haven’t received our tickets. WE sent emails to their customer services, but they didn’t reply. The company is real ###, ‘coz they mislead customers and don’t provide orders. Please, share your views about this website.