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May 26, 2015

I recently decided to use the services of the website Now I understand that it was big mistake. I paid money for the email, but I haven’t received it. The psychic told me to call and I did as he told. I spoke with him about 20 minutes, and the sum was already large for the services, but this fake psychic told me some stories and other useless stuff. I was disappointed. Don’t waste your time and money, as well as don’t trust to such company as this one. / Useless books and waste of money

May 15, 2015

I used the website and bought some books from the company, but it was really big waste of money. I paid money and got books, but they were completely useless. I was shocked and tried to get rid of them, but the rep of course refused to take them back. As well as this scammer spoke in rude manner with me. I was really upset with such services and attitude. Please, share your views about the company.