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Jan 26, 2012

SCAM ALERT! Yaya Maria is a proven fraud and charlatan, she is not an authentic "High" priestess of Palo Mayombe or Orisha traditions we have confirmed this with authentic priests of these faiths that have reviewed and said it is Taboo for women to be "High" Priestess's in these African Traditions, she also fails to explain her lineages or authentic information on her fake website. She was never really initiated as a priestess... she ripped me off for $2, 000 and many of my friends for thousands of dollars thinking that she was authentic and referred by her busine... / rip off & scam

Dec 22, 2011

Alright, I got SCAMMED by the "Spells, Psychics, Spirits Review Forum" and The short story: Seeking for true and genuine online spellcaster I have found this forum for members to share comments and reviews. I THOUGHT they were the real deal because some members warned me who was "fake" and told me who was "good". Now I know that the forum has many FAKE members who promote few sites and especially one website: a with a fake person named Yaya Maria. The admin of the forum "Hope" say that any other website is a SCAM which have...