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WOW - Michigan / Illegal service charges

Oct 22, 2012

I have a signed contract with WOW, formerly Broadstripe, for internet service ONLY, at $36.00 monthly. For the past two months I am billed for $67.68, which includes internet, PHONE SERVICE AND CABLE! I have been a Direct TV customer for two years, have not had a phone line in over three years. They are harrassing me, stating if I do not pay $135.56 immediately, my service will be disconnected. This is a huge scam! I am elderly, living on a tight budget, and will not tolerate this blatant abuse. I expect my service to continue as the contract states for $36.00 a month for internet service only. WOW has a contract with Jefferson Street Square apartments, which is for the elderly. We expect them to fix this NOW!!!

WOW / scam


wow will ripe you off, i bought some items in th AH wow toke the and and gave them to another person whos account got hack most likly he was power leveling and thats how it happen. they said it was the reciever of the account that got hack like i know were this person got the items from.. needless to say don't care i cancled all 3 of my accounts on wow and started play gears of war with my kids on that so wow saved 1 account and lost 3 do the math dumb sh_t_