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Winferno Complaints & Reviews

Winferno / Will not uninstall from my computer

Jun 15, 2011

Like several consumers I too am Not able to uninstall Winferno Software. In my programs, when I click to unistall, it states program not uninstallable (??) . Searches through the computer files come up empty; the only thing found was the desktop shortcut. Since this downloaded ...somehow... my computer is slow, freezes up and my server often can not be found. If anyone has a success story as to how they were able to remove the software I would love to know. ALSO, "Rebate informer" seems to be software that tagged along with this; same problem. ** I would appreciate it if no profanity please **

Winferno / Waste of money


I purchased Winferno computer security 2 1/2 week's ago.And it hasin't done anything. nothing to help me!I cannot recieve E-mail.or send E-mail.This is my life.the Internet is still on line except for my mail.And IVE recieved more viruses, if you cant comply give me my money back. My license #2216-7864-0685- 94017993 . the only reason I purchased this is for security, and protection from viruses. And my computer has got worse, My E-mail died 5 days ago.

Winferno / Scam


This is not a review, more like a complaint much like others that I have read on this site. Me like other people, getting a product that I use a lot and have done for a number of years, my computer crashes and when you try to re-download after logging in, you get a message that you have to pay yet again to re-install a product that you have already paid for. RIPPED - OFF and PISSED OFF to say the least. Will be using Firefox in future, at least it is free, and nearly (but not quite) as good as this program.

Winferno / Unauthorized charges


I signed up for Norton on Sept 4, 2008. The cost was $69.99. We could not get it to download so I went with another antivirus and requested that I not be charged for something that I did not get. I have it on my Visa card and do not want to pay for product not rendered. I am calling Visa and telling them that I am taking $69.99 off my bill. I have used Norton before and might again.