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Wild Models - California, Los Angeles / Fraud


Update: My only hope is that these scam artists go out of business. I tried to give them a chance but they choose the greedy route and refused to give me money back. I was ignorant at the time to believe that as a consumer not everyone would be satisfied with there services, and I was stuck in a catch -22 situation as nobody else would represent me and would be stuck without any resources.I tried to sue them to get my money back and the judge believed the lies that came out of the mouth of kurt clements and purported license the has obtained to legally do this. Bottom line, to the persom who...

Wild Models - California, Los Angeles / Bogus agency


This company was known under another name model management inc. They are scam artists. Not a real agency these people should be arrested and charged with exploitation. Remember agents only get money when they find you work. You should never have to pay an upfront fee to have your profile posted on their website, nor should you ever be coerced to get new pictures from their guy. They are a scam in every way. When i called the guy out on this he actually raised his voice to yell at me and told me that i would never make it in this business. Ha lol, he can't even make it in this business that's why he's in the scam business now.