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White Plains Honda Complaints & Reviews

White Plains Honda - New York, White Plains / Deceptive Financing Practices

Mar 20, 2011

Their financial manager, Hamid Anwar, attempted to deceive me by implying an extended warranty allows for a lower financing rate. Then he becomes belligerent when I expose his lie by contacting Honda Financial services. Then to add insult to injury, they still tried to sell me the car after their financial manager spoke to me disrespectfully after getting caught in his lie. Nothing short of seeing the financial manager fired, and the dealership receiving a hefty fine for deceptive sales tactics would make me feel vindicated for the waste of time and money wasted at this dealership!

White Plains Honda / Bad sales practice


I just went in last night to sign some paperwork for a new CR-V and left empty-handed and extremely annoyed. When my husband and I first went over the weekend, we were told we could purchase a 2010 Honda CR-V, EXL edition from them for $26, 500. They tried to get us to close the deal that day but we weren't prepared to walk away with a new car at that time. We also wanted them to work on the price of the trade-in vehicle. We spoke with the salesman Monday night and he said he could work on the trade in-value and we agreed to come in last night (to close the deal). When we went last night...

White Plains Honda - New York, Whie Plains / Dishonest sales process-bait & switch


The dealership advertised a leasing special for a Honda Pilot EX-L. I called the dealership and spoke to a sales person who I asked to break out the cost exactly and to the penny for the downpayment and monthly payment, including all taxes and fees. He did so and the terms were consistent with the dealer's ad. I called back shortly just to confirm before going to the dealership to lease the car. When I got there, I was handed to another sales person, who graciously spent time with my wife and daughter for a test drive. However, when it was time to sign the paperwork, the new sales person...

White Plains Honda - New York, White Plains / Bad Sales Practice and Lack of Customer Service


These people are awful. I was warned not to buy from them and yet I went foolishly because of my affinity for Honda and the fact that they were close to where I lived. I went there and the guy tried to sell me the car for $1, 500 more than what I saw on the internet. When I told him I saw it for that price he said "well that price does not come with Honda warranty." I went back and forth with him for couple hours until he finally acquiesce and offered me the warranty at the internet price. I thought this was all over but no. When I went into the office to set up financing along with a $12, 000...