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I signed up and paid 2.95 for a three day trial. Can't seem to find how to cancel this plan. If they attempt to charge me for a full month. legal will get the case. / Site dosn't work can't sign in


I paid 39.95 for a years membership, I have confirmation that they recieved payment. After which I have been unable to enter the website. Even when I tried to work on the sight last night, I could not access any information. I just thought that it was a glitch and logged off. Now I can't get in, nor can I get ahold of anybody - Florida, Miami / SCAM - Deceptive Sales Practices


Lured by promise of many search hits, I signed up for Web Detective Pro, 3 day trial for $2.95. But when I used the site, there were not hits at all. I mmediately contacted them within the hour via their website cancellation link. I received an email from Savannah Richards, Client Relations Mgr., Web Detective Pro - Razoreye Media Group confirming my cancellation, and there was no charge to my credit card. However on June 4, 2008, I received an email for a $38.83 recurring monthly charge to my credit card for The Privacy Chest. I never received a newsletter or anything else in the mail during... - Florida, Dania / Unauthorized charges


Bought a 2.95 3 days membership to, after I realize I was charge 39.95 on my account while in pending status, call them to cancel the account on the automotive system, 7 days after the 3 days trial, also the next month I was charge another 39.95 under a different website, contact bank and was told the transaction was done by the same company, also I have to cancel my ATM card to avoid any other charges, advice to anyone reading this, always use a Visa or Mastercard at the time of purchase not an ATM card and never a bank account number, Visa and Mastercard will credit your account and charge back the seller. - Florida, Miami / SCAM - Unauthorized charges


After having successfully navigated Internet commerce without a problem for almost fifteen years, I finally got stung. Before continuing with my experience, I wish to suggest to any and all that may have dealt recently with and/or any of their other associated scams and have not yet resolved their problem: CANCEL ANY CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD IMMEDIATELY, IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO. I fully realize that this can be a very time-consuming endeavor, but we are dealing with some very "successful" scam artists that have so far avoided all attempts to be shutdown. I, too, wa... / Scam!


I was trying to locate a person. When I went to the website, and was offered a "free" search, and was advised that a guaranteed result had been found. In order to get results on the "free" search I had to subscribe for a trial membership ($9.95), or a regular membership for one year ($44.95). I was so happy that a "guaranteed result" was found that I got a one year membership. When I tried the same search after I paid my membership fee, NO RESULTS WERE FOUND.