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VIP Complaints & Reviews

VIP / Unauthorized banking

Jan 26, 2016

Years ago( do not know exactly when) an un authorized deposit of $300 was put into my checking account. I called to say this was unauthoprized. They proceeded to take out $95 two times. I consulted my bank and put stop on the collections. Years later, they are contacting me threantening to sue and stating they have video of me. They stated the last 4 numbers of account which is not mine. This was never authorized and how can they have video of me, when i did not do this..Be warned and check your bank accounts often. Want to file a formal complaint.

VIP - Illinois, Chicago / Scam!!!

Apr 24, 2014

I WANT everyone to know that VIP LIED TO ME. My "coach" was John Martin who sweet talked me into investing $8300 promising me that I will get a FULL refund back if I am not satisfied. He even wrote a contract out. Well after not keeping his appointments and giving me excuses all the time, i told him i want to cancel. He told me okay without mentioning to me that he will keep a 20% restocking fee for his work. He didnt even have the guts to do that, his assistant, Adam, emailed me after I emailed him. He is keeping 20% for his work. What work? I never saw anything of what he did, he didnt do...

VIP - Maine, augusta maine / ignorance


I bought the buy 2 get 2 tires free package ($450.00) which includes alignment package.was going to have alignment done but they said I needed to replace inner tie rod end and ball joint front drivers side. I bought the parts so I could do It myself and proceeded to loosen the lug nuts. All 5 lug nuts were so tight that I broke 2 rathchets and 2 craftsman 1/2 inch sockets as well as bent two 4 way tire irons. I never stripped a thing. It was just a matter of over tightening. I went to vip and and they tried to get the lug nuts off while I rented the tools necessary to do the tie rod and ball...

VIP - Maine, Winslow / Scam and rip off!


I own a 1999 Camry CE. I was told that it needed new tie rods at about 135000 to pass the state inspection by the local VIP dealer here in Maine. I did not have the money so I took it off the lift and started for home. On a hunch I stopped at a local repair shop. The Camry passed the state inspection and now has 168000 miles with the original tie rods. The same VIP store also told my daughter that her 2002 Dodge Caravan with 80000 miles need tie rods the very next week. Guess what, she went to the other garage and passed the inspection. VIP threatened to call the State Police if she did not...

VIP / Damaged baggage


I had traveled from London to Washington by BA 0217 on 18th May'07. While collecting my check in baggage i saw my trolley was damaged. Its wheels, handle were broken as if this was thrown badly. It had cosed me Rs 3500/. I would like to know how this claim can be done. I showed the same to duty lady officer. She behaved in such a manner as if i am begging for it. She told me to post complaint on net or go to office. How can you expect me to go to office of yours when i have my important official work there. My company Torrent pharma's subsidiary Tsunami tours and travels ha...