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Video Professor / Absolute SCAM!

eleanora on Oct 1, 2011
I also ordered a Video Professor CD (Excel) and was sent three being told that I had 14 days to send one back if I did not want to be charged. I called and got a return authorization and sent two of them back (because when I called they said I could only keep one if I wanted to not be charged!). They charged me another $189.95 (on top of the original $8.95 shipping for the CDs and when I called they said it could take up to 30 days to be credited to my check card. I filed a dispute with my bank because I had by then decided this was some sort of scam and did not want to risk being told later...

Video Professor / Unauthorized Charges

dandys on Sep 5, 2011
I received a package from Video Professor in March 2010. I did not open it since I had not authorized payment on such a product. I shipped it back (unopened) to VP per their online instructions. I found that 2 or 3 weeks later, my bank account had been charged $399.95!!! I contacted Video Professor again and was assured that I would be credited for the full amount. When the credit did not happen after 2 months, I tried to contact them again and a recording came on that stated that people should contact their financial institutions for the refund. I contacted my bank and was told because I waited too long and it was not possible to credit my account. So, I was out $399.95!!!

Video Professor / Scam

Robin K on May 15, 2011
On my space they offer products to earn Brownie points for the game to purchase items. I bought the my video product and have received and paid and never got the brownie points of 238. I have complained and I keep sending the email confirmation and everything they ask but still no brownie points. Don't order the offers. The first or second will work but then blank and no brownie points.

Video Professor - South Carolina, Liberty Hill / Major Scam!

I ordered the $6.95 Ebay Video on to try and see if it would help on a site which I was planning on going to work for (it was a scam too but that's another story). I wrote them a letter, dated February 22 cancelling the remainder within 10 (ten) days . I received another package at the post office, slid the original letter in it and on verifying that I wanted it cancelled. So...what shows up on my March credit card statement, a charge for $399.95! You've got to be kidding me! I contacted the most obnoxious customer service rep I have ever had the pleasure of talking with...her name...

Video Professor / No refund as promised

I was told a refund would take 21-30 "BUSINESS" days. I called several times during this period. Every time was the same. It is still in cue to be refunded. The 30 days time is not up yet blah blah blah... So on the 30th day I called and was told it is set to be refuned today. It should post to your account 24-48 hours. NEVER HAPPENED! I called on the 32nd day and oh the "computer program" that performs the credits missed mine! SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE... Now they say it will take an additional 10-15 days because it has to be done manually. I just filed a complaint with the BBB with thi...

Video Professor - Maryland, Baltimore / Microsoft Excel

Dear Sir, When I placed my order November 2009, based on my understanding that it was FREE as stated in the promotion online. I was not able to review my order since I was out of State until December 30th 2009, during which time I was surprised to note that Video Professor had without my authorization charged my Visa Credit Card twice in the amount of $289.90 excluding the postage fee. Upon expressing my complained and the circumstances that made it impossible for me to review the product, Fatima gave me two Return Authorization numbers and further directed I wait for the label to be sent...

Video Professor - Kentucky / Billed, no product, no refund

Unfortunately, I didn't read all these complaints about Video Professor before I ordered their product. I am yet another victim of their fraud. I ordered the product online, called them 2 weeks later because the product had not arrived and told them that I wanted to cancel the order. They gave me a return authorization for the product when it does eventually show up. The product never showed up. They billed me anyway. I called again and they said it would take 21 to 30 business days to get the refund back to me. Product still not showed up. Called them again after 30 business day...

Video Professor - Colorado, Denver / Unauthorized charges to my credit card

I purchased one product from Video Professor with the assurance I would not received other products or charges. I received the product I ordered, was charged for it on my credit card. After that, I found a charge for $189.95 as well as two charges for $3.96. When I called Video Professor, I was told it was a mistake and that an agent hit the wrong key. I was promised I would receive my refund within 30 days, an excessively long time. However, I waited and never received and products of money from Video Professor. After a couple of more calls and repeated assurances I would receive my money, I...

Video Professor / Bad service

I ordered a Video Professor product online, and did not understand that I had to return part of the order within a specified time or a charge of $189.00 would be deducted from my account. When the money was taken from my account, I called Video Professor, and they asked me to return the specified product, which I did. They told me that I would get a full refund within 21 to 30 days after they received my returned product. I called after a few weeks, and found that they had received my products, but would not refund my money as it had not been the specified amount of time. I called back in a...

Video Professor - South Carolina, Charleston / Misleading

After ordering once before from the "Video Professor" and having received a wonderful and helpful CD, I had no reservations about ordering their "FREE" CD on Excel. I paid my $9.95 for shipping and handling and within 5 days received my CD's. On opening my packet I learned that I had 10 days to "review" the CD's and then my credit card would be charged $298.95. I then called the number provided (1 800 519-4110) and was told by a young man that was reading all answers that I could return the CD's if I did not wish to pay the $298.95. He then gave me a return number, and said that...

Video Professor / Deceitful/Scam

So I ordered the free trial of VP, but get this. I never even received it! It never came in the mail, and I never even set eyes upon it. But of course, I got charged $6.95 (twice for some reason) and $189.95 for the CDs. $189.95 for a CD lesson about HTML?! Bill Gates himself would probably come give me an hour lesson for that much money! It’s ridiculous. But being the idiot that I am, I figured that the product had simply not arrived yet… until I got a VP package in the mail for Identity Protection. Confused by this, I called VP and found out that this is their SECOND shipment...

Video Professor - Virginia / False advertising / fraud

I purchased video professor and was told i would be charged a nominal fee for shipping; i could return the items within ten days and receive a full refund. On the website there was NOTHING about a $189 charge. The $189 charge appeared within less than 10 days, and get this, it has been over TWO MONTHS since I returned the CD's and I still don't have my money back! if they can charge within a week, why can't they return my money in less than 8 weeks? How can they get away with this? JT

Video Professor - Colorado, Denver / fraud/scam/theft

i didn't even order this. it came in the mail, i didn't even opened it, thought it was junk mail... weeks later my card is charged 189.95...WTF? i called them and inquired about it, they told me of the package they sent...i pulled the package from the pile and there it was...some BS i didn't want nor asked for.. found out when i made a purchase on another website called tagged.com they submitted me without my permission for the free whatever from vid professor. (knowing full well it wasn't free, nor did i ask for it) i've been waiting a month after i returned that crap to be...

Video Professor / money back garuntee

Video proffesor...i wanted to try if "for free" like they said. well AFTER i gave the lady on the phone my credit card number then she decided to tell me everything i was being charged for...it wasnt free duh! well then she said before thirty days is up i can return it to get a refund all except $20...so its not a free cd...its a $20 cd. anyway i returned it within the time limit and about 5 or 6 days later $185 was taken directly from my account putting me in the negetive which i later had to repay plus the fees. wll i called them and complained and the lady said she would fix it and it would...

Video Professor / unfair charges

I made the mistake of believing the television ad that boasts you can learn how to use your computer more effectively by ordering a teaching cd on the subject of your choice. what they don't tell you is when you order via the website, you automatically receive all the cds and it is your responsibility to return the ones you don't want or you will be charged a whopping $189.95!!! Imagine my surprise when I checked my bank balance and saw the debit for $189.95. Since I was not expecting that charge, I bounced a check also, adding $35.00 to my negative balance. please do not use Video...

Video Professor / ripped off

After a referal from AOL to get a free CD on Windows Vista for a shipping fee of $6.95 I was sent 4 cd and $189.95 was taken out of my checking account. Even though I sent this all back to them it is going to take at least 30 days to get the money back into my account and they have taken more money out of my account for what a shipping fee!!! I paid the shipping fee!!!<br /> I am into over $200.00 to this company over the mistake of fast talking legall small print on a web site that make there way of doing business legall?? There ought to be a law!!! And I still had to send the free CD back!!

Video Professor - Colorado, Lakewood / Non-refund of noney that shouldn't have been taken to begin with.

++ Cleaned Up Text 7/07/9 Ordered 7/10/9 Received 7/16/9 First call - left message 7/17/9 No return call, sent eMail 7/21/9 Account Charged $189.95 7/21/9 Called and got through to a live person. Told it would take 3 or 4 days to get a return call from the busy queue, After pointing out that a a 3 to 4 day wait for a 10 day return policy was totallly unacceptable to any reasonable business practice that was never mentioned again. After much discussion it was agreed that it could be returned for refund of the $189.95, Process would start when they received the return. 7/22/9 Sent Priority...

Video Professor - Florida / Ongoing Fraud

Returned unopened product per their protocol. Telephoned company, stated they received product on July 17, 2009 and that it would be between 21-30 business days for my credit card to be credited $189.95. 30 days from July 17 was Aug 28th, so I called company, told by operator that "technically we have till midnight tonight to credit your account before we start the expediated process but I will go ahead and start it now for you. My supervisor will have to okay the process and we have a heavy call volume (bet they do) and it may take a few minutes..". He went on to explain that the "Expediated"...

Video Professor - Maryland / refund rip off

My husband and myself ordered a CD from video professor called the Internet learning CDs . it is said, you only have to pay shipping and handling which is$6.95. We received the CDs and in less than a week we were charged on our credit card the amount of $189.95. My husband and I called for the boggus charge of $189.95 on our credit card.They told us to sent back one CD and they will refund the money in 7 to 10 business days. After 10 business days they told us it takes between 1 to 30 days, after 30 days we called the representatives said the processing department have not processed it as yet...

Video Professor - Florida / misleading information

Pretty much the same as everyone else. However, when I called their customer service center I was told they would e-mail me a "violation" form (appropriate word) in a few minutes. I was also told I could find the shipping invoice inside the box that was sent to me. After several e-mails from me to video professor and several calls to the "customer service center" I was told that the original information that I received from a customer service representative was misleading! I had also asked the original service rep. that I had not received a shipping invoice in the packages sent to me, which i...
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