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Vector Marketing/Cutco Complaints & Reviews

Vector Marketing/Cutco - Texas, El Paso / Managers

Mar 23, 2011

Ok I wont deny that the Cutco products are amazing, but that is the only good thing that I can say about this company. The managers are so monotone that no one can even tell when they are trying to make a joke, which shows that it is all scripted and fake. The secretaries are so unprofessional in their sandals and shorts playing games on the computers. The offices are all the same, three room places that are so hidden. The only things there are two tables, one computer and a board with things that dont even make sense. Point is, they look like they could take off at any minute with no hassle or...

Vector Marketing/Cutco - California, 91602 / The Truth


Vector advertises $16 base pay and training and no experience required, etc, etc. Sounds like a great job, right?! Wrong. I went in, falling for this, and was hired within 3 days. They give nearly word for word scripted speeches and tell you how great they are and just how much money you'd make. All that to lure you in. There is, trust me, catches, and major ones at that. Their base pay is based on appointments you make, and they have to be with married couples over 25 years of age to receive this pay. Any single, unemployed, or 25- will NOT get you base pay. You are responsible for you own...

Vector Marketing/Cutco / Repost of another user's experiance


I am reposting another user's story regarding the Multi-level marketing company Cutco and its sale's arm Vector Marketing. For those of you who don't know what Multi-level marketing is, check out wikipedia: Anyway, this is a repost from RcV's complaint from a user named Mesaly, who posted the following in the comments section (be aware that there are active astroturfers using Raidan6 software to locate complaints and are paid to downplay complaints and destroy public participation. Do not engage them, they are trolls and will...