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Value Dollar Shop / terrible service

May 12, 2018

There this indian auntie cashier with short hair she look unfriendly no greeting no smile.. After she packed my items she put at the cashier beside then I was shocked when she rudely ask me to put down the item on the floor. I reason with her and dont understand why is my item bothering her as she still not finish with my other items as I bought a lot but she show me totally black face and still argue with me that is so bad service and embarassing.. And she haven finish settling my bills she went to serve another customer without even saying thank you to me are they only care to serve new...

Value Dollar Shop / bad and rude staff service

Apr 29, 2018

To be precise I am talking about the branch at Sembawang shopping Centre .but I can't find it so I write it here. recently I went to the branch at Sembawang shopping centres to try out the perfume as it was a tester. I Bought many things there but the staff working there was extremely rude... I Think he was a Myanmar or Philippine guy this staff for no reason. Keep staring at us when we use the perfume... It was upsetting as we had the right to try and comment as its a tester then worst this rude philipine staff he chase after us and ask what we want... Does he think we want take the bottle of...