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Vacation Marketing Complaints & Reviews

Vacation Marketing - Tennessee, Bartlett / Did not live up to contract


Contract #89-101509-1A . I signed this contract on 10-20-09 with the understanding that if my Timeshare at Hollywood Beach Resort was not sold within a year, I would receive my deposit of $899.00 back in full with no penalty. I have telephoned the company (877-373-9852) and the reply comes on that the mailbox is full, cannot accept messages at this time. I sent a certified letter on 6-21-10 and received it back with a stamped message "Returned to sender due to addressee's violation of Postal False representaton Law". I received a letter from the U.S.Postal Inspection Service asking for any...

Vacation Marketing - Tennessee, Bartlett / Refund of investment


One year ago I was contacted by Vacation Marketing in Bartlett, Tenn. wanting to list our Lifestyles Vacation ownership for sale, saying that could get around $15, 000.00 for our ownership with no problem and with a agreement if no sale was final within one year we would get a complete and full refund.[we received a marketing agreement to this fact.] I sent a certified letter requesting our refund within the time period as stated in their agreement and the only thing we received in return was the Certified Letter unopened.

Vacation Marketing - Tennessee, Bartlett / Fraudulent company


Today I was contacted by Ron Harvey of Vacation Marketing. He told me he had a buyer for my timeshare and they were going to close tomorrow. He sold it for $12, 472. However, the alleged new buyer wanted to split the $3, 000 closing costs and he wouldn't take my share off the sale of the timeshare. I had to send him an additional $1, 101, which is the $399 I paid him to sell the timeshare less $1, 500. Something in my gut didn't feel right about this, as I had tried numerous times to call them and email them and ask for my money back. I started to research this company and learned...

Vacation Marketing / Bad service


Vacation Marketing is a company that says they are out of Barlett, Tn and are supposed to have 16 other locations in Florida and Maine. They are liars and rip offs, saying that they can sell your timeshare and have people waiting to purchase if you list it with them right away. They collect a fee and then never return your calls, but instead steal your money and never get buyers for you.

Vacation Marketing - Tennessee, Barlett / Need a refund per contract


Mr. Ray Potter called my house # 718-703-1692 on 08/17/2009 and promise me via a contract that his company can sell my tineshares within a year OR they will give me a refund. On 09/18/2009 I agree and a contract for the sale of my timeshares. (1) Williansburg Plantation, Williamsburg, Virginia -contract # 48-091809-2B and (2) Ridgetop Village @ Shawnee -contract # 48-091809-1A. I called customer service (# 877--347-9852) on numerous occasions and I was told that they received an offer but the customer need to correct their credit report and I should call back in two weeks, also I must call...

Vacation Marketing - Tennessee, Bartlett / Failure to meet expectations


Scam or not, this waits to be seen, but has the makings of it. I paid $395 on my visa, they have a year to sell it. I have tried to call them several times but the voice messaging is "full" and no-one has called me, yet Allen managed to call me a dozen times a day to get my business. Silly me!!! I will wait my time, but if this ends up being what I pray it isn't, I will make it my mission to let everyone know and every site know how bad they are, if they deliver what they have promised, I will be their best customer as I have three others to sell!!!

Vacation Marketing - Tennessee, Bartlett / SMILES!SMILES!SMILES!


I was being bombarded by phone calls by every timeshare company on earth at the time I got the call. I was very afraid to even talk to my representative about my property. I knew they just wanted to rip me off too. Was I so wrong. Vacation Marketing not only sold my property in July for almost $30, 000.00 but I have gained some really good friends. It really is a safe and effective way to sell timeshares! I thank you for all the help in such a trying time.

Vacation Marketing - Tennessee, Bartlett / Great Experience


I was contacted about 8 months ago by Vacation Marketing in Bartlett Tn. It was a way to sell my timeshare(much needed). They said they did virtual face to face tours and it was a safe way to sell. I gave them a refundable fee(if it didnt sell then I got a full refund in one year), and with in 4 months I had an offer above my garunteed price! It really was a simple as they said. Thanks!!