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Uxcell Complaints & Reviews

Uxcell / 5V 20A Switching Power Supply

Oct 09, 2015

I wish I found this site before buying from Uxcell on Amazon, I ordered 2 - 5V 20A Power supplies from them, I just started a small business and I needed these for a customer, what I received was 1 - 5V 20A Power supply and 1 - 12V 20A power supply which was damaged and not working I might add, after much correspondence through amazon they only offered either 40% of the cost of the item back and I keep it (Why would I keep a non-working item?) or send it back to them for replacement, mind you they will not be paying my customs and clearance fees (Which were significant) and they insisted I...

Uxcell / Non delivery

Jan 30, 2013

Received notification from Uxcell, that delivery details were wrong and that I must pay another $5US for delivery to right address. This notification arrived after I had noitified them of non delivery of item (30 days had passed), The address supplied to them is correct. For some reason on the receipt that they sent to myself with the order of further payment, certain details were on different lines. Example of this is that my phone number now had my address and my address had my suburb. These details certainly would not be placed in that order by myself. They have sent goods to my address in...